Tuesday, May 24, 2016

DRAW Graphics SuiteX6 16.1.0 full version + free download

Software overview:

It's a vector-drawing appliion first and foremost, although the main appliion isn't the only onein the suite. Photo-Paint is still here, like an unwelcome sidekick that Draw can't quite shrug off.It's relatively light on ftures, with support for layer masks and adjustment layers but no Dodge, ,Hl or Blur tools, and nothing to compare with the array of extra modules in Elementsor 's own PaintShop Pro software.

The suite also includes Connect, a powerful browser and srch facility for the bundled vector andphoto clip-art, as well as online content from Flickr, Fotolia and iStockphoto.
Download links:
DownloadDRAW_Graphics_Suite_X6 full version below:

part 1:

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part 2:

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part 3:

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Download below:
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