Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How To Install CWM and Flash Custom Rom On Galaxy Ace 5830i

How To Flash Cwm in Galaxy Ace 5830iAnd make a backup FirstBy editandroid.blogspot.com

Download cwm( CWM_temporary without kernel.zip) and place in sd card - (Download)Switch off the phone.Press sound up + home and power button together to got to recoverymode.Select "apply update from sdcard"Choose ClockWorkRec5830i.zip. CWM will load.Go to "backup and restore" and Select Backup.

# A backup will be crted under sdcard/clockworkmod/ on your SD CARD. Plz dont format your sdcard. Backup this folder if you can.

Rom List For Galaxy Ace 5830i
MindCr Rom{# Dont forgot to mount system partition before flashing}[08/11/2012] MindCr Rom v2.4 - (Original post) *(Directdownloadlink from form)[29/10/2012] MindCr Rom v2.3 - (Original post) *(Directdownloadlink from form)[15/10/2012] MindCr Rom v2.2 - (Original post) *(Directdownloadlink from form)*[Many apps removed. Visit original thrd for mor info and apps]*[08/10/2012] MindCr Rom v2.1 - (Original post) *(Directdownloadlink from form)
Jelly Blast ROM[29/11/2012] Jelly Blast V3.0.4 - (Original post) (Directdownloadlink from form)# Just update to 3.0.3. So u need 3.0.3 flashed on phone first.[10/11/2012] Jelly Blast V3.0.3 - (Original post) (Directdownloadlink from form)
iDROID ROM[29/9/2012] iDROID ROM v1 - (Original post) (Directdownloadlink from form)
BoudzDroid[29/9/2012] BoudzDroid V1 - (Original post) (Directdownloadlink from form)
AceCrm[30/9/2012]AceCrm V1.4 - (Original post) (Directdownloadlink from form)
RazoDroiD[26/9/2012] RazoDroiD v2.5 - (Original post(Directdownloadlink from form))
Ace-peria[04/9/2012] Ace-peria rom - (Original post) (Directdownloadlink from form)
TM COOPER[09/9/2012] M!-U! v2.2.1+ - (Original post)[2/9/2012] Retribution Beta 4 (Barebones version) - (Original post) (Directdownloadlink from form)[18/8/2012] Retribution Beta 4 (Extreme barebones version) - (Original post) (Directdownloadlink from form)[18/8/2012] Simplicity v1 - (Original post) (Directdownloadlink from form)
AndroidScrm[18/8/2012] AndroidScrm [V1] - (Original post) (Directdownloadlink from form)
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