Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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4.1 Jelly Bn based ROMs
By EditAndroid
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Android Revolution HD 7.4 [Sense 5.0] 1.28.401.7
Maximus 7 6.0.0 [09/05] [Sense 5.0] 1.28.401.6 OTA updates
OrDroid 4.2.0 Sense 5 (1.28.401.6)
TrickDroid v5.3.0 (1.28.401.6) Sense 5 (Unlocked BL)
RENOVATE r79 (SENSE 5.0) |EQS | SVN | NIGHTLIES 1.28.401.7
Orio one uine 3.0.0 /stock
ONE stock rom/.401.7/sense 5
Stock based Deodexed v1.29.1540.3 Developer Edition

4.2 Jelly Bn based ROMs

CyanoMod 10.1 (alpha)
LiquidSmooth RC2.3
AOKP 4.2.2 - Unofficial alpha nightlies
TmCarbon AOSP 4.2 Nightlies
PAC ROM v1.2


[KERNEL] bulletproof 0.5 /linaro 0.3[KERNEL] 3.4.10 gddcfb8c /system writable[KERNEL] Thoravukk[KERNEL] n3o One_v1 /linaro[KERNEL] ElementalX 0.8[KERNEL] tMSeven v3.9.7 beta linaro0.3[KERNEL] (001) One-M7[KERNEL] KozmiKKernel 001
[RECOVERY] CWM Touch v6.0.2.8 [OFFICIAL]
[RECOVERY] TWRP [ dumlock for S-on][RECOVERY] rooting ONE & CWM 0.5

ONE stock recovery (for dev)

Stock Firm

JB firmware collection

Superboot - ONE root solution

DRIVERS v4.0.1.001

ONE (M7) all-in-one TOOLKIT v1.0 [PERM. ROOT]

(DEV TOOL) ROM EXTRACTOR (extract ruu & unpack img)

Automatic Unlock Kit

ADB/FP/APX drivers - Universal Naked Drivers 0.72

[SCRIPT] Rom Clner v1.3
Important Guides

Root, Unlock, Recovery and flashing a custom ROM

How to - Flash Latest Radio in Recovery

Faatboot problem on 8 x64 with USB 3.0? Fix inside.

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