Tuesday, May 24, 2016

DAEMON Tools Pro 5.20 full version + free download

Software Overview:

Professional but not Advanced product thatoffers essential tools foremulation and making. Wide functionality atrsonable price.Powerful ftures to crte disc s:Crte files ofyour original discs with DAEMON Tools Pro Standard. Use preset profiles tosave exact data copy ofmany media types. Edit files, compose your own s and them tomedia discs withEditor. Manage your Collection sily withalog.Compress, protect, split files:DAEMON Tools Pro Standard enables you tocompress data while making an file andsave yourhard drive space.Doyou want toprotect your ? Just set a unique before start the disc imaging process. And only the ones who know the will bble tomount that andget its content.Are you going tocrte a disc but the file size istoo big tosave itonavailable media? Using DAEMON Tools Pro Standard you can split the file toseveral parts and save every one toseparate discs. Itislike making multivolume archive with your favorite archiver.

Emulate , and Blu-ray drives:DAEMON Tools Pro Standard enables you toemulate upto 16SCSI andDT virtualdevices inall. You can get detailed information ofvirtual and physical device properties aswellas customize yourvirtualdrives.User interface:Get DAEMONToolsPro eral functionality withgadget for 7 and Vista. Add virtual devices, mount and unmount disc files, open main program window, run Editoretc. Gadget offers you tomanage slots forquick access to 4virtualdrives, change skins, rd recent DAEMONTools news andmore.DAEMONToolsPro enables you toaccess alog andmount discs directly viaExplorer. You can even customize thecontext menu fors and virtual devices.

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