Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Root and Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Galaxy R

If you have been using a Galaxy R smartphone, you would have discovered grt apps for it. Some of those apps may have required a rooted phone and if you didn’t have one, you had nothing to do than moving forward to other available apps. Here’s a simple guide showing you how you can root your Galaxy R smartphone to enjoy new apps as well as custom ROMs.
By editandroid.blogspot.comI. Before You Begin:1. You will void your phone’s warranty if you root it. However, you can regain the warranty by either applying stock firmware or unrooting your phone.2. Make sure your phone has enough battery life left so it can last through the entire process.II. Downloading Required Files:1. Download the Odin Tool fromhere.2. Download theClockworkModRecovery fromhere.3. Download the Superuser app fromhere.III. Installing ClockworkMod Recovery on Galaxy R:1. Place all the downloaded files on the Desktop of your PC.2. Extract files from the Odin Tool and Recovery archives onto your Desktop.3. Launch the Odin by double-clicking onOdin3 v1.85.exefile.4. Turn OFF your Galaxy R smartphone.5. Reboot your phone into the download mode. It can be done by pressing and holdingVolume DOWN+Home+Power together.6. When your phone boots up in the download mode, connect it to your PC using the USB cable.7. Now, from the Odin, choosePDAtab and select the recovery file (*.tar) for flashing.8. Make sure no options are checked in the Odin, hit theStartbutton to begin flashing recovery.9. After the recovery has been successfully flashed, your phone will reboot.The ClockworkMod Recovery has now successfully been installed on your phone. Now, move on to the following procedure to root your phone.IV. Rooting Galaxy R:1. Connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable.2. Transfer the Superuser ZIP archive to your phone’s SD card storage. Put the file into the topmost folder.3. After the file transfer is completed, disconnect your phone from the PC.4. Turn OFF your smartphone using the Power .5. Reboot your phone into therecoverymodeby pressing and holdingVolume UP+Home+Power together.6. From theCWMRecovery menu, chooseinstall zip from sdcardoption followed bychoose zip from sdcard.7. Select the Superuser ZIP file you transferred to your phone in Step-2 and confirm your action.8. Once the flashing is done, go back to main menu of the recovery and choosereboot system now.Your phone will reboot and when it boots up, you will have root access on it. From now on, you can load your favorite custom ROMs on your phone and install the apps which require rooted .
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