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How to Root/Unroot the Galaxy Chat B5330

How to Root the Galaxy Chat B5330’s entry-level Android ICS Device, the GalaxyChat B5330, debuted in August this yr and with that, it brought a choice for beginners to choose their next ICS device. The phone brings a physical QWERTYpadalong with a nice set of hardware to meet the requirements of a hvy chatter. No matter what grt ftures the device comes with, the rl potential can only be unlocked by rooting the device. To root yourGalaxyChat B5330 device, you can follow our guide.
By editandroid.blogspot.comI. Before You Begin:1. Rooting voids the warranty of your device (until you unroot it).2. Plse charge your device to have at lst 60% of battery life left.II. Downloading Required Files:1.Root Package(Download link’s given in the first post, underRootingsection)III. Rooting the Galaxy Chat B5330:1. Download and place the Root Package file onto your Desktop. Do NOT extract it.2. Connect your device to your PC using theUSBcable.3. Copy the Root Package file over to the SD card of your device.4. Once done, disconnect the device from your PC.5. Turn OFF the device.6. Reboot the device into Stock Recovery. To do so, press and hold theVolume Up+Home+Powerbuttons together.7. Once inside the recovery, choospply update fromsdcard.8. Select theRoot Package(update.zip)you copied rlier to the device.9. Be patient and let it root the device.10. Once done, reboot the device.11. You’re good to go!Brilliant! You now haverootaccesson your Galaxy Chat B5330 device
How Root Galaxy Chat B5330 in Jellybn
I. Before You Begin:1. Rooting voids the warranty of your device (until you unroot it).2. Plse charge your device to have at lst 60% of battery life left.
3. InstallUSB Driverfor Galaxy Chat on the computer.
4. Enable USB Debugging Mode on the phone by navigating to Settings >> Developer Options (Android ICS or later) or go to Settings >> Appliions >> Development (Android 2.3 or rlier).
5. Make a backup of all your important data before following the guide.
6. The Galaxy Chat should be factory unlocked and not locked to any particular carrier.
7. This method works on Android Jellybn OS not in ICS

II. Downloading Required Files:1. CF-AutoRoot for Galaxy Chat B5330 Here(Check your device modal first)2. CF-AutoRoot for Galaxy Chat B5330bHere(Check your device modal first)3. CF-AutoRoot for Galaxy Chat B5330LHere(Check your device modal first)4. ODin 1.85.zip
III. Rooting the Galaxy Chat B5330,B5330b,B5330L:1.ExtractCF-Auto-RootandOdin 3.07files using winrar/7zip/winzip or any other extracting tool.
2.Switch off the Galaxy Chat. Then boot the device into Download Mode by pressing and holdingVolume Down+Homebuttons together and then press thePowerbutton until the device turns on. Now press theVolume Upbutton to enter Download Mode.
3.Launch Odin on the computer.
4.Connect the Galaxy Chat to the computer using USB cable while it is in the Download Mode. Wait until Odin detects the device. When the device is connected successfully, the ID: COM box will turn yellow with the COM port . Additionally, the successful connected will be indied by a message saying Added. If Odin fails to detect the device then re-install USB driver.
5.In Odin, click thePDAbutton and select theCF-Auto-Rootwith.tar.md5file.
6.Verify that Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time checkboxes are selected in Odin.Also, ensure the Re-Partition option in Odin is not selected.
7.Double-check and click Start in Odin. The installation process will now begin.
8.Once flashing completed, your phone will restart and soon you will see aPASSmessage with green background in the left-most box at the very top of the Odin. You can now unplug the USB cable to disconnect your device from computer.

Galaxy Chat B5330/B/L running on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bn firmware is now rooted successfully. You can now install any app that requires root permission.
How To Unroot Galaxy Chat B5330GalaxyChat B5330 is an entry-level Ice Crm Sandwich smartphone from that delivers the power of Google’s latest (not the grtest) Androidfirmwareto the users. We alrdy have a root guide for the device that shows how you can get the most out of your device and in this guide, we’ll be showing you how you can unroot your device, to get the lost warranty back and to enjoy the stock performance of the device. Here’s how you can do it:I. Before You Begin:1. Yourdeviceneedsto have at lst 60% of battery life left.II. Downloading Required Files:1.Odin2.Stock Firmware(Download the appropriate firmware for your device)III. Unrooting the Galaxy Chat B5330:1. Download and place both the files onto your Desktop.2. Unzip files from both the archives to your Desktop.3. Double-click on theOdinexecutable file and it should launch.4. Click onPDAand select theStock Firmwareyou extracted rlier to your Desktop.5. Checkmark the boxes that sayAuto RebootandF. Reset Time.6. Lve theRepartitionbox unchecked.7. Turn OFF your device.8. Reboot the device intoDownloadmode by pressing and holding theVolume DOWN+Home+Powerbuttons together.9. Once inside theDownloadmode, connect your device to your PC using theUSBcable.10. HitStartin the Odin and it’ll begin flashing the firmware.11. Once it’s done, your device will automatically reboot.12. And you’re all done!Awesome! Your device has been successfully unrooted and you’re now running the latest official stock firmware on your device.
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