Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How To Root Galaxy S advance i9070

We have been getting comments that the SuperOneClick doesn’t work to root the Galaxy S Advanced I9070 smartphone and we know how painful it is when you rlly needrootaccesson your smartphone and you don’t have it. You don’t have to worry any longer as we, actually the XDA Developers, have come up with a root method that just works fine to root your smartphone so you can perform your tasks on it. Here’s how you can root your Galaxy S Advanced I9070 smartphone:
By editandroid.blogspot.comI. Before You Begin:1. You are voiding the warranty of your device by rooting it. However, you can get the warranty back by either unrooting it or installing the stock firmware.2. The following procedure works onbasedPCs only.II. Downloading Required Files:1.Root Package(Download link’s given in the first post)2.Original Kernel:DDLD4.tar.md5
DDLI1.tar.md5III. Rooting the Galaxy S Advanced I9070:1. Place both the files you downloaded to yourDesktop.2. Extract files from the Root Package archive to your Desktop.3. From the files you extracted, double-click theOdin3 v1.83.exefile.4. Enable USBdebuggingon your smartphone fromMenu>>Settings>>Appliions>>Development>>USB debugging.5. Enable Mock Loions on your smartphone fromMenu>>Settings>>Appliions>>Development>>Allow Mock Loions.6. Turn OFF your smartphone using thePowerbutton.7.Rebootyour smartphone into the Download mode. To do so, while your smartphone is turned OFF, press and holdVolume DOWN+Home+Powerbuttons together.8. Connect your smartphone to the PC using the USB cable.9.Odinshould show your device as connected in its main interface.10. Click on thePITtab in the Odin and choose theGT-I9070_EUR_XX_8G_20111220_KL6.pitwhich you extracted from the Root Package.11. Now, click on thePDAtab and choose therootkernel.tar.md5file.12. Make sure that onlyAuto RebootandF. Reset Timeboxes are checked in the Odin, lve rest as unchecked.13. Hit theStartbutton and it should begin rooting your device.14. After the rooting is finished, your device should reboot.15. Turn OFF your device.16. Once again, put your device into the Download mode. Just press and holdVolume DOWN+Home+Powerbuttons together and your device shouldbootupinto the Download mode.17. Connect your device to the PC using the USB cable.18. Open up the Odin Tool on your PC by double-clicking theOdin3 v1.83.exefile, it’s the file you extracted from the Root Package.19. Click on thePITtab in the Odin and choose theGT-I9070_EUR_XX_8G_20111220_KL6.pitto be flashed on your device. This file should exist where you extracted the contents of the Root Package.20. Click thePDAtab and choose the Original Kernel file you downloaded rlier. It should match up with your device’s firmware.21. Check-mark theAuto RebootandF. Reset Timeboxes in the Odin and lve rest of the options as unchecked.22. Start the process by hitting theStartbutton.23. Your device should reboot after the Odin has finished its work.24. Now, hd over to the Play Store and download theSuperuserandBusyBoxapps. Install them on your deviceCongrats ! You have successfully achieved root access on your smartphone and now you can manage therootrightsusing the Superuser app.Do At Your Own Risk

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