Tuesday, May 24, 2016

[Guide]How To Root/Unroot/Flash Recovery and Custom Roms in EVO 4G with Download Links

EVO4Gwas the smartphone launched in the yr 2010 running on the Sprint’s WiMAX Network to provide ultra-fast speed toitsusers. The smartphone was among those initial devices which were running on the 4G network and still the phone is considered to be the best for the 4G connectivity. If you are interested in rooting your device to gain much more customization access, here’s how you can root your EVO4Gsmartphone.
By editandroid.blogspot.comI. Before You Begin:1. The warranty of your device will be voided if you root it. Keep this in mind and go ahd.2. You must be on HBOOT 2.18.3. You must have unlocked thebootloaderof your device. You can do so fromhere.II. Downloading Required Files:1.Root Package(Download fromDownload Heresection)III. Rooting the EVO 4G:1. Download and place the RootPackagefileonto your Desktop.2. Extract files from the Root Package to your Desktop. Make sure that you’vefastboot.exefile on your Desktop.3. Turn OFF your smartphone.4. Reboot your device into the bootloader mode. Just press and holdVolume DOWN+Powerbuttons together and you should enter the bootloader mode.5. From the bootloader menu, select theFastbootoption using thePowerbutton.6. Connect your device to your PC using the USB cable.7. Open a Command Prompt Window on your Desktop. To do so, press and hold theShift on yourboardand right-click on any empty ar on the screen and chooseOpen command window here.8. Enter the following command into the Command Prompt Window you just opened:fastboot flash recovery recovery-RA-supersonic-v2.3.img9. You need to wait till it finishes flashing the custom recovery on your device.10. On your device, select theBootloaderoption using thePowerbutton.11. You now have a few options on your screen, choose theRecoveryoption.12. From the Recovery menu, chooseUSB-MS toggleoption.13. Your device will be shown as a drive on your PC. Transfer theCWM-SuperSU-v0.87.zipfile you extracted from the Root Package to the root folder of your device’sSDcardstorage.14. Now, from the Recovery menu, chooseFlash zip fromsdcardoption followed byChoose zip from sdcard.15. Hd to the folder where you transferred the file in Step-13, select it for flashing.16. Reboot your device after the file has been flashed.Your device is now rooted ! You shouldn’t be waiting here after rooting your device, go load acustomROMon your smartphone.IV. Flash a Custom ROM (Optional):1.If you are rdy to flash custom ROMs on your deviceNow that we have root access and a custom recovery , we need to find a ROM we want to flash. Thanks to the amazing third party developers (most of which do this in their spare time), there are a bunch of ROMs to choose from.*Unofficial AOKP 4.2.2*CyanMobile*MokeeOS Android 2.3.7 Very Fast*Unofficial SlimBn 4.2.2*Alien Chaos v3.1*MetroDroid v4.0*JellyBrd Android 2.3.7*PrimOG with Sense 4.0 ICS2. After you download the .zip to your computer, plug in your device via USB cable.3. Copy the .zip file to the SD Card (do NOT extract it, just copy the whole zip file).4. Unplug your device.5. Now, open ROM Manager again.6. Select Reboot into Recovery and wait for the device to reboot.7. Once in recovery mode, use the volume buttons to navigate and power button to select Backup and Recovery.8. Then select Backup and hit yes to confirm. Wait for it to finish backing up your current system (this will save you if something goes wrong).9. Select Wipe Data / Factory Reset.10. Select Flash zip from sdcard.11. Select Choose zip from sdcard.12. Find the ROM we copied to the sdcard in .zip format and select it. Then select yes to confirm. Wait for it to finish flashing.13. Select Reboot System Now.Once it reboots (which will take a while the first time), you’ll be running the new ROM.To flash a different ROM, just redo all the steps in Section IV here. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment on the ROMs you try in the repository so others can see what they’re all about.
How To Unroot Evo 4G?If you are tired of using custom ROMs on your smartphone and want to start everything from beginning, you should unroot your device. It will restore your device to the stock firmware with all those default apps, like Gmail, Maps, and you will have an unmodified device. Here we have a guide on how you can unroot your EVO 4G smartphone, follow all the steps and you should end up with a device running on the official stock firmware. Here you go:I. Downloading Required Files:1.adb.exe2.fastboot.exe3.AdbWinApi.dll4. Sync5.JRE6.Flash 7.MTD Eng8.PC36IMGIII. Unrooting the EVO 4G:1. Download and place all the files onto yourDesktop.2. Double-click the JRE file and install it on your PC.3. Install the Sync on your PC. It will install the required drivers on your PC to recognize your device.4. Connect your device to the PC using the USB cable.5. Extract files from the Flash as well as MTD Eng archives to therootfolderof your device’s SD card. It is the topmost folder.6. After the files have been extracted, change the connection type of your device toCharge onlyfrom.7. Enable USBdebuggingon your device by going toMenu>>Settings>>Appliions>>Development>>USB debugging.8. Disable the Fastboot on your device fromMenu>>Settings>>Appliions>>Fastboot, remove the checkmark.9. Open aCommandPromptWindow on your Desktop. To do that, press and hold theShift on your board and right-click on any empty ar on the screen, chooseOpen command window here.10. Type in the following command into the Command Prompt Window you just opened:adb shell11. You should see#in the window, it mns everything is okay and you can proceed further.12. Next, type in the following commands into the Command Prompt Window one-by-one: /sdcard/flash_ > /data/flash_chmod755 /data/flash_/data/flash_ misc /sdcard/mtd-eng.img13.Rebootyour device.14. Rename thePC36IMG_SuperSonic_GB_Sprint_WWE_4.67.651.3.zipfile you just downloaded toPC36IMG.zip.15. Transfer the renamed file to the rootfolderof your device’s SD card storage.16. Turn OFF your device.17. Reboot your device into thebootloadermode. To do so, while your device is turned OFF, press and holdVolume DOWN+Powerbuttons together.18. You will be asked to update your device with the PC36IMG file. HitYes.19. Reboot your device after it has been updated with the stock firmware.Congrats ! You are done unrooting your EVO 4G smartphone. It wasn’t that tough to unroot the device, was it?

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