Tuesday, May 24, 2016

[HOW-TO] Root and install custom recovery CWM stock Gingerbrd on Optimus 2X (P990) for Dummies

Step 1:(Download software, boot phone in APX-mode).By editandroid.blogspot.com
First you need todownload Rusty!'s excellent ClockworkMod NVFlash-installer.(Mirror.) Then download theSU303.zip-package attached in this post and place it on your external SD-card, if you have one, if not place it on the internal one. Extract the contents of Rysty's .rar to a directory on any drive, I'll refer to this as C:\NV, but you can name it anything you like. Power off your phone andremove the battery. If you are using a desktop computer, plug the full-size USB-plug directly into a port on the motherboard (backside of the case usually). Press and holdvolume-up AND volume-downwhile plugging the micro-USB into the phone.

The next step is for people (well, computers rlly) who have not used NVFlash before. If you have, skip toStep 3.

Step 2:(Install APX-driver.)
If you have not used this mode before, called APX- or NVFlash-mode, your computer will indie it has found a new device it has no driver for. The screen on the phone will remain black.

Right-click My Computer, select Manage, then Device-management. You should see a device with a yellow exclamation mark. Right-click it, select update/install driver. Select to manually srch for a driver. Browse to C:\NV\driver, click Next. You should be greeted by a message telling you that «NVIDIA USB Boot-recovery driver for Mobile devices» has been installed.

Step 3:(NVFlash ClockworkMod.)
Navigate to the C:\NV folder, double-click the script called «flash-recovery». If you have an external SD-card press 2, if not press 1.
XP:If you have an SD-card, double-click the "install_external_xp" batch-file, if not double-click the "install_internal_xp" batch-file.
The phone will display a Software-upgrade-screen, while the command-window will inform you of the progress. After a little while it'll be finished and you can press any to exit. (Now, where's that 'any'- again?) Just to be safe, wait another 10 seconds before removing the usb-cable from the phone, cutting its power. Now install the battery again.

Step 4:(Start ClockworkMod, install su.)Hold volume-down while pressing the power-.Keep both buttons presseduntil you see an -Logo with a bluish halo. Now you should be in the regular ClockworkMod. Choose «Install Zip from sdcard» (by navigating to it with the volume-buttons, then select it with the power-button) then «choose zip from sdcard». Navigate to where you putSU303.zip, select it and confirm. After a short while it'll inform you it's done. Press back-button, select «reboot system now.»Step 5.(Install Busybox.)Now go the market and install and run«Busybox installer»by JRummy16. Grant it root access when it asks, click OK bottom right, scroll to the bottom of the next screen and click Install. Voila, you're done. You can now do all the things you usually do, like restoring Titanium Backups etc.

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