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Galaxy S2 i9100 All Custom Roms/Kernals/Guides/Roots/Recovery/CWM/TWRP/

All Custom RomsBy editandroid.blogspot.comJelly BnAOSP BASE
[ROM][4.2.2|CM10.1]Jelly Beer 4.18 [DPI Groups][BeerGang][6 Mayl][Unofficial]|Developed byBlack_Prince
[ROM][JB][4.2.2] Avatar ROM for Galaxy SII (I9100) - Updated [May 04, 2013]|Developed by bippi79

[ROM][02/05/13][JB/CM10.1/AOKP/RootBox] Nostromo [Tuning utils/TB/160DPI]|Developed by Soenisti

[ROM][CM10.1][2 MAY] name Lungo|Developed by TimV_

[ROM][19/04][X-TREME SERIEs][4.2.2][AOKP|CM] X-TremE JB ROM V.7 [AOSP|GS4|XZ]|Developed by KNTXTremE

[ROM] [CM10.1] [4.2.2] XOS 4.0(test build)-xperia themed Walkman!![Apr 15]|Developed by jeetBLswami

[ROM][4.2.2][JDQ39] Evervolv AOSP | 3.2.0 | Build #1 for Galaxy S2 i9100 [5/4/2013]|Developed by sakindia123

[ROM][AOSP][JB][4.2.2][JDQ39] Super 2.0 - I9100 - BUILD 4 [03-04-13]|Developed by Faryaab

[ROM][CM10][4.1.2][07-Dec-2012] Sapir - CM10 based ROM + More|Developed by erezak

[ROM][CM10][4.1.2 JB] Kaffee4Eck | CM10 -> Online v11 [14.11.2012][AROMA+SLIM][EXP]|Developed by Kaffee4Eck

[ROM][AOSP][JB][4.1.2][JZO54K] Super - I9100 - BUILD 5 [17-10-12]|Developed by Faryaab

[NEW MALI ROM - AROMA][09 Oct]♔ ♕ ♚ ♛ Jelly King AOKP_v.1.9 ♔ JB 4.1.1 ♔ ♕ ♚ ♛|Developed by Bologna

[ROM][27.08.2012][CM10 based][OTA Support] FireWalkerX Pure 1.0.55|Developed by FireWalkerX

[ROM]*[4.1.1]*[SGS2-Intact-AOSP]*[JRO03H]-[05/08/2012]|Developed by cile381

[UNOFFICIAL][ROM][4.1.1][AOSP] name Android 3.0.1 PrePrePreAlpha [JB][08/01/2012]|Developed by DaXmax

[ROM][18/07/2012][JB][I9100]KAECIN_AOSP[development]|Developed by kaecin

[ROM][4.2.2|Aokp]Oustahrom||| Full Xperia Z||||||Update|||||Developed by deyaaa

[Rom | SGS2][AOSP-JB 4.2.1 | MIUI v5 Style Beta 3.0 | Based Miui v4 - 3.2.22]|Developed by tar70

[ROM] Helly_Bn [4.2.2] [nightly builds]|Developed by DerTeufel1980

[ROM][JB 4.2.1][AOKP/CM10] ReVolt JB I9100 [NIGHTLIES][OTA]|Developed by johnhany97

[CM10][Jellybro] i9100 Nightly Kangs|Developed by imfloflo

[ROM][JB][AROMA]Infinity ROM[Infinity Part][Fast&Stable]Develop again|Developed by ice14777


[ROM][22Apr] ●●► Omega v12 ◄●AOKP milestone-1●►Jelly Bn 4.2.2◄●Aroma●►|Developed by ::indie::

[ROM][AOKP/CM10][4.2.2][AROMA][11-4-2013]ThunderBolt ROM V7|Developed by ALHussein Mohammed

[08/04/13][ROM][4.2.2 AOKP][Mysterious AOKP Unofficial BIONIC LINARO Nightly]|Developed by Mysterious-Rom

[ROM][JB 4.2.2][AOKP/CM10.1/PA] ReVolt JB I9100 [Ver.4.2][04/03][Hybrid+AROMA+PIE]|Developed by johnhany97

[ROM][30Mar][4.2.2][Aokp Build 6][Türkbey Theme] TürkbeyTm V2 soon A fresh start!!!|Developed by CQNSTANT!NE

[ROM] Unofficial Black Android Kang Everyone Desires TmBAKED [4.2.2][25th March]|Developed by TmBAKED

[ROM][AOKP-4.1.2] TokoRom V2 [AROMA+OTA][Sense Style][18/03/2013]|Developed by tokobot

[ROM][JB 4.2.2][OTA] Mysterious PacMan v20.0.0 BIONIC LINARO [23/02/2013]|Developed by ptichalouf

[ROM] GT-I9100 Resurrection Remix JB v3.1.3 [31/12][AOKP JB (4.2.1)](AROMA+OTA)|Developed by westcrip

[ROM][JB 4.1.2][OS YAMAHA][PA2.55][AOKP-ML1][CM10]P.A.C True All in 1 ROM[27/11][V18]|Developed by bluefa1con

[ROM][14/11][JB 4.1.2 / 4.2 Hybrid] Cypher Rom Build 1.2|Developed by cypherrom666

[ROM] (JB) ▬ ½ I L L U S I Θ N ▬ CP 8.1 ▬ S (Dhruv) Edition ▬ 5th Nov ▬|Developed by abhisahara

[ROM][JB][CM/AOKP][26/10]NuclR Bomb 1.0[Fast & Stable]|Developed by ice14777

[ROM][AOKP][JBB4][4.1.1] 14.10.2012 Kaffee4Eck AOKP Online v09 [SIMPLE|FAST|STABLE]|Developed by Kaffee4Eck

[NEW MALI ROM - AROMA][09 Oct]♔ ♕ ♚ ♛ Jelly King AOKP_v.1.9 ♔ JB 4.1.1 ♔ ♕ ♚ ♛|Developed by Bologna

3 kinds of PFittech ROM Android 4.1/4.04/Sammy 4.04 - Unique Futures 20.9.2012|Developed by PFittech

[ROM][AOKP-JB] Pure AOKP build 2.0 [18/09]|Developed by Spike_M

[ROM][4.1.1][JB] R25's JB AOKP Preview Builds 5.1 [16/8/12] -1st JB AOKP ROM *UPDATE*|Developed by Rushabh25

[ROM][CWM][May 4]JB XWLSS NtROM Full/LITE/Mods/Themes|Developed by salesale

[Stock Official Firm] I9100XWLSS (4.1.2) - Nordic Countries (NEE) [03-05-13]|Developed by Faryaab

[ROM][XWLS8][4.1.2][AROMA | OTA | DPI CHANGER | PIE][06.2]Space & Time 2.6 [END 30.4]|Developed by RM57380

[ROM] [4.1.2] [LSN] Disaster ROM v11 **30 APR** + DisasterROMControl|Developed by Mirko ddd

[ROM][22.04.2013][LSN]Turkbey Tm V4 S4 Edition Soon|Developed by CQNSTANT!NE

[ROM][XWLSN][06Apr] Omega v23 ●►Final JB 4.1.2◄●Omega Files●►Custom Install◄●|Developed by ::indie::

[ROM][02 Apr][LSN][4.1.2][V14.4] WanamLite Cln & Fast & Pure Stock Themed|Developed by wanam

[ROM Repository][25-Mar]Dual Boot Rom Collections -SAMMY JB ROMS Modded for DualBoot.|Developed by ocman

[ROM][4.1.2][25Mar2013]Biftor™JB Rom V7.2[Make Your custom Rom][XWLSD]|Developed by Biftor

[ROM][LS8][23.03]Custom Stock ROM 4.1™ Edition (name: ETERNITY) Relsed..|Developed by maanz

[ROM][CWM][XWLS8][6Feb][The Militant Rom][4.1.2][Final][Blu]|Developed by kuljit55

[ROM][CWM][3/2]JB XWLS8 afaneh Lite v1[DUALBOOT SUPPORT]|Developed by mohammad.afaneh

[ROM] -03/01/2013- OlloS2 Armageddon RoM 4.1.2 AED !!!|Developed by Neme77

[ROM][JB][24.12.12]XenonMOD v2.00.01 | Stability Achieved | Stock Enhanced|Developed by Taimur Akmal

[ROM][4.1.2][I9100-I9100P][24/12] LionROM JB[Mods, Themes, s][XXLSJ]|Developed by leeomendes

[ROM][DISCONTINUED] JoelDroid S2 [2.1]|Developed by joeldroid

[ROM][JB.4.1.2][ XW-LSS- Added] Deodexed Stock Roms|Developed by _Sofos_

Best S2 ROM LIKE S3|Developed by badboy2a1n7867

[ROM] << S-peria Z >> [Just-For-Fun] Link is UP|Developed by JoFury

[ROM][ZERO]BUG ROM v5.1 NOTE 2 MINI I9100 / I9100P + V5 PremiumSuite Available NOW !|Developed by JoFury

[ROM][4.1.2]MIUI V4.1 3.1.18 Based On Official Firmware XXLSJ[ROM]|Developed by Ry09iu

[rom 4.1.2]after rom (lsd)|Developed by *mondman*

[Rom] JB 4.1.2 DTH XXLSJ 1.0 FINAL [Gallery Not 2 & Multi Windown & More Mod]|Developed by Trunghuy90

[ROM][4.1.2][xxlsj] ParsLand-jb-9100 [ink-riple-toggle-multi window+so many mod]|Developed by s-android

[ROM] [CURSEROM v1] [JB 4.1.2] [GALAXY S2] [TOUCHWIZ]|Developed by mithun46

[ROM][XXLSJ][CWM] Simplistic Completely Stock Deodexed Rooted *Link added*|Developed by LedK95


[Rom | SGS2][AOSP-JB 4.2.1 | MIUI v5 Style Beta 3.0 | Based Miui v4 - 3.2.22]|Developed by tar70

[ROM|04/11] - █ M1UI 2.10.26.v2 █ - MIUI based on CM10!|Developed by a1exander

[ROM][MIUI][20/10/12] cMIUI 2.10.19 [4.1.2][AOSP][OTA][Aroma][Multi]|Developed by chillzz81

[ROM][4.1.2]MIUI V4.1 3.1.18 Based On Official Firmware XXLSJ[ROM]|Developed by Ry09iu

Jelly Bn
[Kernel 3.1.Y][04 MAY] Dorimanx 8.16 JB ONLY! SGII 7 Platforms+Touch Recovery+ROOT|Developed by dorimanx

[KERNEL][19FEB] SiyahKernel v6.0b5|Developed by gokhanmoral

[KERNEL][ICS/CM9][ExTwks&Plus] Shun Andromeda 2.2.8 (09/02)|Developed by bgn9000

[Kernel][Only Brave users][dualboot][oc/uv][14/Nov]Speedwizz kernel [touch_rec][bln]|Developed by umberto1978

[KERNEL][Multi-ROM|JellyBn] Tm Skyfire - : Drm-IRC [CWM/TWRP] 10/01/2012|Developed by Tm SkyFire

[Kernel][JellyBn] ♦ Siyah vsync v4/5 ♦ [Mali ][gokhanmoral,mcm811,Rush85]|Developed by Hannibal226

[Kernel] Phenomenal 6.1 ICS / Hirox 5.1 JB|Developed by fenomeno83

Jelly Bn ⊗
Only Base
[04.05.2013][PhilZ-cwm6][i9100/P] v5.00.4 Safe Stock Kernel+CWM6+Root+exFAT+ext4-LSS|Developed by Phil3759

[KERNEL] SpeedMod SGS2 Jelly Bn [K5-8 CIFS ROOT / NO-ROOT CWM5]|Developed by hardcore

[Kernel] v2.1[XWLS8|LSD|LSE & XXLSJ|MS1] JellyBn i9100 Source [Light & Simple]|Developed by jeboo and shoman94

[KERNEL][ICS/CM9][ExTwks&Plus] Shun Andromeda 2.2.8 (09/02)|Developed by bgn9000

[Kernel][Only Brave users][dualboot][oc/uv][14/Nov]Speedwizz kernel [touch_rec][bln]|Developed by umberto1978

[30.10.2012][CF-Root 5.6] K**,LA*,LP-126BHJQ73SC89DEFWGKIQOTUXY,LQ-5B - su+bb+CWM4/5|Developed by Chainfire

[KERNEL][Multi-ROM|JellyBn] Tm Skyfire - : Drm-IRC [CWM/TWRP] 10/01/2012|Developed by Tm SkyFire

[KERNELS] Updated! [12/09/12] INSECURE ICS Kernels FOR ROOTING! - I9100 /G /P|Developed by lyriquidperfection

[KERNEL][AOSP/AOKP/CM9][5-September][4.1][Thoravukk] APP•TUN•NTFS•CIFS•OC/UV•BLN•OTG|Developed by pinpong

[26 Aug 12][ICS]CF-Root in Stock Recovery (No PC Odin) + CF-Unroot + Backup/Restore|Developed by Phil3759

[KERNEL][2.08][APP/PRO/OTA][AOSP&SAMMY] N.E.A.K. ICS - On Vaion (v2.1.2x)|Developed by simone201

[Kernel] Phenomenal 6.1 ICS / Hirox 5.1 JB|Developed by fenomeno83

[KERNEL] GALAXIAN [4.0.4] [CWM] [Auto Root] [ColorMOD] [Mshci fix]|Developed by Lukiqq

[KERNEL] SpeedMod SGS2 ICS [K3-32 CIFS ROOT / NO-ROOT CWM5]|Developed by hardcore

[AOSP/AOKP-KERNEL] Fluxi XX Kernel ICS [wakelock and drain-free slide2wake for SGS2]|Developed by myfluxi

[KERNEL][ICS] ClockworkMod Recovery|Developed by workx

[KERNEL] GT-I9100 ROOTED STOCK Kernels by STOCK+ Tm (ALL NEW VERSIONS + TOUCH CWM!)|Developed by Grooby

[ROM+Guide]Official i9100 Firm LPE/Q/7/2/F/S/4/7/G/9/W/D/F Download|Developed by Intratech

[Kernel][Only Brave users][dualboot][oc/uv][14/Nov]Speedwizz kernel [touch_rec][bln]|Developed by umberto1978

[KERNEL][AOSP/AOKP/CM9][5-September][4.1][Thoravukk] APP•TUN•NTFS•CIFS•OC/UV•BLN•OTG|Developed by pinpong

[Kernel] Phenomenal 6.1 ICS / Hirox 5.1 JB|Developed by fenomeno83

« Without visible date of update

[KERNEL][MIUI/AOSP/CM7] Enigma v1.39|Developed by pinpong

[07.09.2012][CF-Root 5.6] K**,LA*,LP-126BHJQ73SC89DEFWGKIQOTUX,LQ-5B - su+bb+CWM4/5|Developed by Chainfire

[Kernel][CWM]Fecality I9100 3/7/2012 (GPU Voltage Fix)|Developed by Entropy512

[KERNEL/2.3.X/ExTwks&Plus] Ikki The Phoenix 1.13 (09/05)|Developed by bgn9000

[KERNEL][14FEB'12]RedPillKernel_Rev1.3[RedPill Touch CWM Recovery by AF974]"TAKE IT!"|Developed by pongster

« Without visible date of update

[Kernel] Hell's Root Kernel v1.25 // root,CWM5+4+stock,CIFS,BLN,BootLOGO and more|Developed by HellDroid

[KERNEL] Insecure Kernels for use with rooting|Developed by Odia

[KERNEL] SpeedMod SGS2 [K2-21 CWM5 CIFS ROOT]|Developed by hardcore

[KERNEL] Phenomenal [4.0]|Developed by fenomeno83

[KERNEL] (XWKL1) Lulz Kernel Build 18/Tegrak Build 31|Developed by tegrak

[KERNEL] DarkKnight V2.5.2|Developed by GadgetCheck

[KERNEL][MIUI/AOSP/CM7] Enigma v1.39|Developed by pinpong

Root/UnRoot Guides
[06.07.2012][CF-Root 5.5] K/EFGHIJKLP*, LA*, LP-126BHJQ73SC89DEFWGKIQ - su+bb+CWM4/5

[04/Jan][ROOTING/UNROOTING] DooMLoRD's sy Rooting Toolkit [v4.0](zergRush )

[FAQ] [ROOT] Questions about rooting SGS2 via zergRush

[GUIDE] ROOT/UNROOT Stock ICS Firmware without flashing unsecure kernel

[ROOT]How to ROOT Galaxy S2! [1-Click Root][ Tutorial][No Odin required]

A complete noobs guide to root using the [CF-Root v4.0] KE2/7/8, KF1 - su+bb+CWM4

[Guide][CWM][Root][ICS] Universal proper rooting for most ICS

[TUTORIAL] UNROOT the Galaxy S II on ICS to COMPLETE stock

FAQS/Guide/Additional Info For Rooting S2 - High level summary

Advance guides

[GUIDE] How to Dual Boot using the Siyah Kernel

[Guide] How To Fix Your USB Storage [emmc] After LQ5

[GUIDE] Recover your IMEI in 9 steps



[HOWTO][exFAT][WORK IN PROGRESS] Mount exFAT formatted drives and cards

[GUIDE] Make your own undervolt (GB + ICS)

[Tutorial] How to mount external NTFS drive

[How To] Swap the mounting points on ICS (CM9) for emmc and sdcard

[HOWTO] GT-I9100 Free SIM Unlock via nv_data.bin by Odia

[Ref][Kernel]Triggering actions with touch gestures

[GUIDE] Defining/Crting Triggering Actions Gestures sier

[HOW TO][] Manually Deodex and Odex back

[APP] Ntfs Mounter - Automatically mount NTFS/EXT formated USB Sticks and SD Cards


[30/08 UPDATE][TUTORIAL][GUIDE] Lrn to make your own 'eye-candy' mods [sy Steps]

[FRAMEWORK] Xposed - ROM modding without modifying APKs/flashing (2.0rc1)(04.07.2012)

[GUIDE]How to add customizable 14 statusbar toggle buttons for ROM

[MOD][GUIDE] Mms.apk with Sent time/"Unlimited" Contacts adding//No MMS Convert

[MOD] Camera.APK for better audio quality, usage with any battery life & MORE!


[GUIDE] How To Get Emoji Fonts In Rooted Devices

[GUIDE] How to replace a scratched camera

[TUTORIAL][S3 Imitation] Turning your GS2 to GS2.5 (Updated on 11th July 2012)

[TIPS] The Best Way to Calibrate our S2 Battery ! [No root needed, Simple, Accurate]

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