Tuesday, May 24, 2016

connectify full version + free download

About Connectify Hotspot v 3.7.1:

* PRO Users Can Turn off the Banners and Blog: Connectify Hotspot LITE users gets ads inthe product, which are replaced by helpful tips for PRO users. Now in 3.7, PRO users can turn
off the Blog and Banners if they want the extra space and clner look.

* Improved handling of ICMP: Fixes for problems with certain control messages. This problem
usuallymanifested itself as Android devices being unable to get on the Internet, or clients that
got on the Internet having strangely slow downloads.

* Error Messages Link to Troubleshooter: The error message screen now has a direct link
tolaunchConnectify’s integrated Troubleshooter. We hope this will let more people find their
way to the help they need.

Download links:

Download connectify 3.7 below:

click here

Download below:

click here

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