Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Unroot the Galaxy S3 Mini I8190

So you have rooted your GalaxyS3Mini I8190 and now want to unroot it so you can get the lost warranty back? No problem, we’re here to help you out with this matter. In this guide, we’re gonna show you how you can unroot your Galaxy S3 Mini I8190 and get it back to stockfirmware, to enjoy the pure official Android firmware. Here you go:
By editandroid.blogspot.comI. Before You Begin:1. You should have rooted your device using the procedure givenhere.2. Yourdeviceneedsto have at lst 70% of battery life left.II. Downloading Required Files:1.Stock Firmware(Download the appropriate firmware for your device)2.OdinIII. Unrooting the Galaxy S3 Mini I8190:1. Place both the files you downloaded to your Desktop.2. Extract files from both the archives to your Desktop.3. Double-click on theOdinexecutable file and it’ll launch.4. Click onPDAand select theStock Firmwarefile you extracted to your Desktop.5. Make sure that onlyAuto RebootandF. Reset Timeboxes are checked in the Odin.6. Lve theRepartitionbox unchecked.7. Turn OFF your device.8. Reboot the device intoDownloadmode. To do so, press and hold theVolume DOWN+Home+Powerbuttons together.9. Press theVolume UPbutton to continue.10. Connect your device to your PC using theUSBcable.11. Click onStartbutton in the Odin and it’ll begin flashing the stock firmware.12. Once it’s done, your device should automatically reboot.13. And you’re all done!Good Job! You’ve successfully unrooted your device and now it runs the officialfirmware. Your warranty has also been restored, so you can now take your device to the service center without any issues.Do At Your Own Risk

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