Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Custom Rom for Google 10 [ROM][JB 4.2.2][PA3.10][AOKP-MR1][CM10.1]P.A.C True All in 1 ROM[04/03][V21.0.1]

By editandroid.blogspot.comCan't settle on a rom... Like one rom, but wish it had ftures of another... Well look no further...
PACman is a unique rom.
We have picked the best ftures from CM10, Aokp and PA and combined them in a single rom so you get the experience you deserve
To enjoy the ftures of every available project without the hassle of flashing regularly.
The Rom is rock stable for an average user but keep in mind the Rom is in WIP stage so expect some minor hickups but we are trying our best to resolve these issuesThis is built entirely from source so its not a port, which in my opinion makes it a little more stable as its been made specifically for this device...Source Available here....PacManFtures
* CM10.1 * AOKP - mako_jb-mr1_build-1 * Paranoid Android 3.10 *I've decided to keep this rom simple and I've not added all the extras some other roms have added, because in my eyes keeping it simple keeps it more stable... If you want all those extras you can rdily find them and flash them after the rom... but if you've flashed the extras don't complain in the thrd about things not working....:CHANGELOG:
PACman v20.1.0
Added Swipe to QS
Fix FC when adjusting Radio Band
Added Bionic & Krait Optimizations

PACman v20.0.0
Settings FC's fixed
Compiler issues fixed

PACman v19.9.1
Updated to 4.2.2
Paranoid Android updated to 3.00

Initial Relse
PACman v19.9.0
Paranoid Android 2.99 with Pie
MultiUser AddedWhats not working? You tell usYou Tell Me1. Download rom ... Duh!
2. Put rom on SD card
3. Make sure you have latest Gapps on there too
4. Factory Wipe/Data Reset, Wipe Cache and Wipe Dalvik Cache
5. Flash Rom
6. Flash Gapps
7. Some like to wipe cache again... If you normally do that, then do it
8. Reboot
9. Enjoy the Rom...---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is the thanks bit now... firstly the other Musketeers...
Benjamin.j.Goodwin - for being an absolute star, giving me pointers and helping out a lot... A rl lot
Shingers5 - for his tireless testing, ids and erally keeping me on my toes... and of course being a ledThanks also goes out to
PACman Tm - Special thanks
CM tm
Paranoid Android tm - for being the most innovative devs out there at the minute
DutchDanny - for getting me started and being patient with me while I was asking silly questions
BinDroid Tm for loads of help when I first started
XDA for just about everything else
Finally my girlfriend for putting up with me being sat on here for hours on end lol
If you think you need to be thanked, just let me knowPACman v20.1.0Gapps 4.2.2Older Builds
PACman v20.0.0
PACman v19.9.1
PACman v19.9.0
screenshots:Donate Us if it Help you and help us to Buy our own Domian & hosting.

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