Tuesday, May 24, 2016

All Custom Rom For Galaxy S3 i9300 Base/AOSP/MIUI/AOKP

Jelly BnBy editandroid.blogspot.com Base
[ROM][XXUFMB3|XXEMC2][04Apr] Omega v44.3●►JB 4.2.1|4.1.2◄●Omega Files●►12 Themes◄●|Developed by ::indie::
[ROM] Android Revolution HD 24.0 & 30.5 | High Quality & Performance | XXEMC2|Developed by mike1986.
[ROM][03 Apr][MC2 V6.4][XXUFMB3 V6.0][Aroma] WanamLite Fast | Cln & Rock Stable|Developed by wanam.
[ROM][09 Apr][XXEMC2][4.1.2][AROMA][JB Domination] crDroid v15.2 [JKay ][Per App Dpi]|Developed by Cristiano Matos.
[ROM][April 10] XXEMC5 (4.1.2) NtRomLite/Themed/Aroma/Full/Mods|Developed by salesale
[ROM]AllianceROM I9300 JB EMB5 | 160/213/240/320 DPI Tablet UI | Floatin Multi|Developed by Robbie Hood
[ROM][05APR][XXEMC2] ~ XperianZe ~ [Xperia Z inspired][AROMA][JKay][Elegant5]|Developed by edgarf28
[ROM][4.1.2][XXEMR2][Sotmax JB Ultimate Stock V16 HD Voice] GT-i9300 *stable as rock*|Developed by sotmax
[ROM][MB5][JKAY] Purelook HD v4.0a I Galaxy SIV meet XperiaZ I[Apr 08]- Fly To The Sky|Developed by ksr007
[ROM][MC2][AROMA][9/APR] ChaosROM v5 [AOSP][SENSE 5][XPERIA][MIUI][JKay][320/240 DPI]|Developed by Chaos ^_^
[ROM][MB5][29Mar]cROM™ 10.6.1 |Aroma | OTA | PIE | Per App DPI | Tablet UI | AOSP|Developed by DSA
[ROM][MB5][19MAR] FoxHound 2.4|JB|Ota|Allin1|Stable|Ram Free|Essential/Normal|Developed by raffaele88
[ROM][23Mar][MB5][364mb] ¤¤ VikingWay v7.1 ¤¤ The Buty Of TrulyCln And Simple|Developed by schoolsux
[ROM][JB 4.1.2][EMB5][aroma][OTA] Imperium v9.3 by Brothers Tm [09/04/13]|Developed by slim80
[ROM][22nd Mar] - UltimaROM v11.0 Kjata - [XXEMB5][AROMA][1438MB]|Developed by Kryten2k35
[ROM] >> Update 09/03 << LightForceROM XXEMB5 V6.0 SLIM [439MB]|Developed by edgeqwerty
[ROM][XXEMR2] NxT ROM v11 - Grand Finale|Developed by eric-filth

[ROM][MA2][8TH MAR] _ 25 [PER APP DPI][240DPI/320DPI][JKAY][AOSP][AROMA][TWRP]|Developed by fOmey
[ROM][MB5] Pardus HD RoM V8 [ It's Now More Powerful ][OTA][JKay] [06.04.2013]|Developed by pendroz

[ROM][XXEMC2][9th/April/2013] ArchiDroid V1.0.1 | Flexible | Stable | Excellent|Developed by JustArchi

AOSP Based

[ROM][AOSP][JB][4.2.2][JDQ39] Super 2.0 - I9300 - BUILD 4 [03-04-13]|Developed by Faryaab

[SlimBn][4.2.2][UNOFFICIAL] By Dragon SlimBn Build 2.7 [MAR24]|Developed by Dragon7780
[CM10.1][4.2.2][UNOFFICIAL][APR04] temasek's UNOFFICIAL BUILD - V92|Developed by temasek

[ROM][JB][4.2.2] Avatar ROM for Galaxy SIII(i9300) - Updated [April 06, 2013]|Developed by bippi79

AOKP Based
[ROM][4.2.2][AOKP/CM/PA] GT-I9300 Vanilla RootBox [12/03][v3.9][DEVELOPMENT THRD]|Developed by bajee11

[ROM][01Apr] ●●●► Omega v6.0 ◄●►AOKP JB Build 6◄●►Android 4.2.2◄●►|Developed by ::indie::

[ROM][JB 4.2.2][AOKP/CM10.1/PA] ReVolt JB I9300 [Ver. 4.0][24/3][MultiUser+PIE]|Developed by johnhany97

MIUI Based

[ROM] _miui.polimorph_® 3.3.15.c lll 1Apr lll MIUI v5 lll CM10 base|Developed by _polimorph_

[ROM MIUI][ Jelly Bn ][24 Feb]╠█╣MIUI-INDIA 3.2.22╠█╣✰| Kitchen.Faster.Smoother |✰|Developed by gh.rohit

[ROM][MIUI][Update Feb 23rd] Advanced MIUI.us - v3.2.15c 1April - JB - Base|Developed by jimbo77

Source:XDA Special Thanks:Exynoss

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