Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Root Xperia Z For locked & Unlocked Bootloaders

By editandroid.blogspot.comusers are reporting that NFC is after this root method (sy fix by goroh_kunhere)if u had an unlockable bootloader device, after using this method the device will be detected as LOCKED or unlock not possible!!! (to fix this usethis fix)
Requirements:Xperia Z with stock JB firmware (as of now tested on:10.1.D.0.317,10.1.D.0.322,10.1.A.1.350)works on both locked/unlockable bootloaders!ADB drivers installed (use this fileincase u need to install drivers)
IMPORTANT:if you are using 8 you will need toenable few thingsto allow driver installationRooting Toolkit package provided belowHow-to:incrse screen timeout to 10 mins:Settings -> Display -> Sleep -> 10 minsenable USB debugging :Settings -> Developer options -> EnablndSettings -> Developer options -> USB Debugging (check it)enable install from "unknown sources":Settings -> Security -> Unknown source (check it)download the rooting toolkit package and save it on C:\exit all adb requiring apps like PC Suite, PC Companion, Flashtool, etc as they will interfere with the rooting processextract the ENTIRE contents of the package (and not just one file) to some directory on c:\once you are rdy with all the above connect phone to PC and execute "runme.bat" from the loion where the entire contents are extractedpress enter to start the process, as the device is detected the toolkit will start executing steps one by onekeep watching the command prompt and wait for the following to come up "press the button to restore the data in your phone"at this point look at the device screen, an app will start, select RESTORE datanow u will get "if Restoring data is complete," in the command promptat this point open Phone & dial*#*#7378423#*#*select "Service tests" in your phone operation.select "Display" (screen will turn white), the toolkit will now start executing some commandsnow press power button to turn off screen wait for few seconds and press it power button again (rept it a few time) till then keep observing the command prompt for outputsu will see "transfer files to your phone part2", "installing busybox,su,Superuser,etc..." & finally "Clning up"after that the device should automatically rebootthats it device should now be rootedTroubleshooting:if your device has unlockable bootloader then after applying this the bootloader status will turn "Bootloader unlock allowed:No"
in that case dont worry the users have reported that doing a repair via SEUS will flash back stock firmware and turn this status to "Bootloader unlock allowed:Yes" (the same might also be achieved by flashing a stock FTF using FlashTool <yet to be confirmed>)ROOT WILL BE LOST BY DOING THE ABOVE AND YOUR INTERNAL STORAGE MAY GET WIPED!
NO.since we are not the bootloader the /data partition will not be wipeddo i need to unlock bootloader for this to work?
NO.will i lose Bravia Engine 2 ?
NO.does rooting without the bootloader still voids warranty.
Not if you get back on cln Stock ROMDonate Us if it Help you and help us to Buy our own Domian & hosting.

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