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How To Root/Unlock Bootloader/Install Recovery/Flash Custom Rom PACMAN In ONE V

1. Unlock the bootloader.By editandroid.blogspot.com1. Go Here "http://www.htev.com/" and crte yourself an account on HTEV.
2. Downloadthese Fastboot Files.
3. Make a new folder on your C: drive called fastboot.
4. Extract The Zip downloaded in step 2 to the new folder
5. Go HereHTev - Unlock Bootloaderand select "All Other Supported Models" and "then begin unlock bootloader"
6. Yes, Tick both Boxes, Proceed
7. Skip up to step 8 as we have all we need for the first 7 steps
8. Power off your phone by holding the power button down for 5-7 seconds (the three will flash a few times then it will power off)
9. Hold volume down button, the device will boot to HBOOT
10. Select Fastboot With Volume+or- then press Power once (you'll be in fastboot mode)
11. plug your phone into your PC and open a Command Prompt.
( XP - Click Start > Run > type CMD in box then press OK
( 7 - Click Start > type CMD in srch box then press Enter)
12. to your folder where we put fastboot files c:\fastboot
13. type this into your command prompt window fastbootoemget_identifier_token
14. select & copy the text as per step 9 on the HTev website
15. paste your identifier token into the box at the bottom and submit
You Will Very Shortly Receive an email from HTev with a link to the second part of the instructions and your "Unlock_.bin" attached
16. download the "Unlock_.bin" from the email and save it to the same folder that we extracted fastboot files to in step 2
17. type this into your command prompt window fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_.bin
18. The Display Will change on your phone, press Vol + to accept and power to confirm.

Congratulations You Have Successfully Unlocked Your Bootloader
2. How To Root?1. Downloadr1-primo-ma-superboot.zipto your computer and extract in any directory.
2. Power off your phone by holding the power button down for 5-7 seconds (the three will flash a few times then it will power off)
3. Hold volume down button, the device will boot to HBOOT
4. Select Fastboot With Volume+or- then press Power once (you'll be in fastboot mode)
5. Connect your phone to PC
6. Double click ‘install-superboot-.bat’

Once it complete, the phone will reboot on its own. In app drawer you will see a SuperSU icon, click on it and updateSUbinary then you are done with rooting your One V.

You can try any app with root access to confirm it is working.
3. Now you need to put a custom recovery on your phone.1. Gohernd click the big orange download button. It'll take you to another page. Click download again at that page. Now click recoveries. Then click cwmrecovery.img.2. Rename it to simply recovery.img(don't include the .img. That's the file extension, you don't add that into the name)3. Move .imgfile named 'recovery' to the fastboot folder from rlier in step 1.3.4. Open command prompt and navigate() to the fastboot folder.5. Reboot your phone. Hold the power button until the screen goes black. Then relse power button and hold volume down button. MAKE SURE TO NEVER EVER EVER ACCIDENTALLY DO THE VOLUME UP BUTTON WHEN BOOTING TO HBOOT. This is a matter of brick or not brick.6. This will open hboot, which is the bootloader. Let it load and then click the fastboot.7. Plug your phone into your computer. Your phone should now say fastboot usb (or something like that).8. In your command prompt you should be 'd to the fastboot folder. Now type:fastboot flash recovery recovery.img9. This will install the recovery.

4. Install a custom rom
1. download the rom and gapps. MAKE SURE IT'S A MA OR PRIMOC ROM. There are a few over at xda. My daily is currently PACman v19.3. I'll walk you through getting this. There are ZERO problems with this ROM. EVERYTHING WORKSGet the latest PACman from fromthis thrdby inyourface09. For gapps(gapps arppsmade by google, such as gmail, talk, google services, etc. Highly recommended)here's the gapps. Select the latest one.Put the rom and gapps on your sdcard. After this, unplug phone from computer.
2.download an appropriate boot.imgfor it.This is either in the rom and needs to be extracted from it before you flash, or it's a separate one. I used the bootimgfrom simonsimons34 fromhere.Place the boot.imgin that good ole fastboot folder and rename to just 'boot'.
3. Boot into recovery. If coming from stock, you gotta go to hboot first with the method from above.
4. BACKUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT OPTIONAL.
5. Wipe data. Wipe cache. Wipe dalvik(from the advanced menu). Go to mounts and storage. wipe the /system partition. Now install zip from sdcard. choose zip. find the pacman rom. install and confirm.
6. reboot. It should hang in boot logo. Now, hold power button til screen goes black and then hold volume down until it gets into hboot again. Go into fastboot.
7. plug phone in. it should say fastboot usb or something like that.
8. open command prompt and to the fastboot folder.
9. Type
:fastboot flash boot boot.img10. EnterThis will install the boot.img.
11. Go back to bootloader and select recovery. It'll boot you to your recovery.
12. Install zip from sdcard>choose zip>gapps(whatever it's named)>confirm
13. reboot and enjoy.

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