Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Unroot the Droid Bionic

If you haven’t installed any custom ROM on your DroidBionicand want to unroot it, just to reclaim the warranty, here we have a nice guide for you. It shows you how you can unroot your Droid Bionic and get it back to thefactorystate. The procedure uses a simple utility to get the job done, you don’t have to issue any kind of commands, it’s just as sy as opening a website.By EditAndroidI. Before You Begin:1. You should have rooted your device using the procedure givenhere.2. Yourdeviceneedsto have at lst 60% of battery life left.3. The drivers for your device must be installed onyourPC.II. Downloading Required Files:1.Pete’s Root Tools2. DriversIII. Unrooting the Droid Bionic:1. Place the Tool archive on your Desktop.2. Unzip files from the archive to your Desktop.3. Turn ON the USBdebuggingon your device by hding toMenu>>Settings>>Appliions>>Development>>USB debugging.4. Connect your device to your PC viaUSBcable.5. If you’re asked to choose the connection type, selectCharge only.6. Now, double-click on Pete’s Root Tools executable file.7. From inside the tool, clickUnroot My Phonebutton.Tap Unroot My Phone button8. Follow the instructions displayed on your screen.9. Reboot your device.10. And you’re unrooted now!Well, in no more than a few minutes, you’re back to the factory-unrooted state. You can now enjoy the perks of being in warranty period!

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