Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How To Load a Custom Recovery on the Droid Bionic

Do you have a rooted DROID Bionic and want to install a custom ROM? You will first need to install a custom recovery.By EditAndroidI. Before you begin.1. You must have a rooted Bionic, if you do not, hd on over to our tutorial onrooting it here.II. Installing the bootstrap apk file.1. Download the bootstrap apkhernd place on your desktop.2. Plug your phone in with the USB cable.3. SelectUSBmassstorage.4. Place the file on the root of your sd card (not in any files or folder).5. Unplug the USB cable from your phone.6. Open up the Android Market.7. Download a file manager program such as linda or astro file manager (both free).8. Once installed, open up the file manager and select the bootstrap apk and chose install.9. Once installed, upon up the appliion and chose Bootstrap Recovery.10. Once finished, chose reboot recovery to get into Clockwork Mod.Congrats!!! you got CWM Custom Recovery for your

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