Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Root the Optimus 4G LTE P930

Rooting surely plses the Android users but doing so takes some good efforts and it’s a bit risky process. However, with the new rooting tools being launched every passing day, the task has become much sier to do than before. Such a simple root method has been discovered for the Optimus 4G LTE P930 smartphone and the said device’s users can now enjoy the rl power of their device, something your manufacturer didn’t allow to come out. So, in this guide, we’re gonna show you how you can root your Optimus 4G LTE P930 smartphone, go ahd and get started:By EditAndroidI. Before You Begin:1. This will void the warranty of your device. However, you can reinstate the warranty by unrooting the device if there’s any unrooting procedure available.2. This works on based PCs only.3. You must be running on Android 4.0.4, firmware V20e.II. Downloading Required Files:1.Root PackageIII. Rooting the Optimus 4G LTE P930:1. Place the Root Package archive onto your Desktop.2. Extract files from the archive to your Desktop.3. On your device, hd toMenu>>Settings>>Securityand enable theUnknown sourcesoption.4. Enable theUSB debuggingoption as well by hding toMenu>>Settings>>Developer options.5. Once both are enabled, connect your device to your PC using the USB cable.6. Copy the SystemBackup APKfile you extracted to your Desktop over to the root of your SD card.7. Once copied, unplug your device from your PC.8. Open the File Manager app on your device and install the APK you just copied.9. Once installed, launch it from your App Drawer.10. As soon as the app starts, press and hold thePowerbutton for a while and choosePower off and restartoption.11. Your device should reboot.12. Once it boots up, connect it to your PC via USB cable.13. Double-click on theroot_P880.batfile you have on your Desktop.14. Your device should reboot several times and it’s not a thing to worry about.15. Once your device’s rooted, uninstall the app you installed in step-8.16. You’re all done!Excellent! You’ve successfully rooted your device and a plethora of root-only apps are now waiting for you, go grab them!

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