Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Universal Document Converter v5.7.1305.21160 full version + free download

Software overview:

Document Sharing and Archiving:

Exchanging documents in the PDF format protects you and your clients from any

technical difficulties.

Presentation Crtion:

Documents converted to JPEG or PNG graphic formats can be sily inserted into your

PowerPoint presentations without any problems.

Web Publishing:

Publishing presentation materials and product alogs in the PDF format offers clients all

needed information in a reliable and change-protected form.

Preparing Layouts for the Printshop:

Converting documents into the TIFF format guarantees high printing quality and simplifies work with

printshops and publishers.

Corporate Workflow System Deployment:

Universal Document Converter reduces your expenses on the development of a corporate workflow

system benefits of Universal Document Converter:


* Universality. Universal Document Converter makes it possible to convert documents of any type into

TIFF. Thanks to this, even transferring over to a new set of programs will not require your workflow

system to be redeveloped.

* Save time on training personnel. Universal Document Converter is installed onto the system as a

virtual printer. As a result, submitting new documents to the workflow system becomes as sy as using

a desktop printer.

* Remote usage. Universal Document Converter is compatible with

TerminalServices and technology. Therefore, it can be installed on a server and used from

remote computers.

* Scalability. Universal Document Converter can be installed on a separate computer and used from

workstations as a network printer. Transferring the majority of the workload onto the print-server will

significantly incrse the speed of conversions and allow for efficient processing not only of multi-page

documents, but also full-scale industrial drawings.

Download links:

Download Universal document converter full version below:

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Download below:

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