Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Toshibha unveils Excite Pure Android 4.2 tablet for 299$ alongside Pro and Write with 10 inch 2560×1600 displays and Tegra 4

By EditAndroidToshibha just unveiled its refreshed range of Excite tablets at Computex, Taiwan, consisting of three models – Excite Pure, Excite Pro and Excite Write. All the three 10.1 inch Android tablets are aimed at different price ranges and target consumers. These tablets are priced between 299$ and 599$ and Toshibha hopes to ship them out by June 25th, available directly from their website. Lets see the models in detail then.The Excite Pure is a c Nvidia Tegra 3 based 10.1 inch tablet with a 1280×800 resolution, much like most of today’s 10 inch Android tablets, but by offering it at a low price of 299$, the company hopes to drive adoption. All the models comes with Pure Android 4.2 at hrt and the Pure is no exception. With only 1 GB of RAM, the Pure is decidedly mid range, with a 3MP rr camera, 16 GB memory and a micro HDMI port making it perceive of more value.The Excite Pro and Write are the high end 10 inch Android 4.2 tablets that are aimed at the iPad price range. The Pro comes at 499$ with a gorgeous 2560×1600 Pixel Pure display, which matches the 10 in pixel density at 300 ppi. Powered by the newest Tegra 4 chipset, the device promises a ton of improvement in performance, with console quality games at its behest. Both have 2GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory with options for micro SD expansion. It also ftures dual stereo spkers from Harman Kardon, marking the first stamp of the audio company on a tablet. Both have a 8MP rr camera capable of recording 1080p s. This will retail for 499$.The Excite write however, while almost exactly same as the Pro, has added support for the pressure sensitive stylus and a digitizer over the display. The stylus is called the “TruPen” and the apps are part of the “TruNote” suite. Since the tablet is essentially the same as the Excite Pro, there is no docking station for the stylus. This will retail for 599$.Having launched the three 10.1 inch tablets, Toshibha might have to focus more on smaller tablets because, according to IDC, that’s where the volume is.

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