Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Registry Reviever v3.0.1.108 full version + free download

Software overview:

The Registry is a component of the operating system, so much so that without it
would not even run. When a new piece of hardware or software is installed in , it
stores its configuration into the Registry. This allows to retrieve that information at later
dates such as when it is starting up. As starts it will rd the configuration in the Registry
and know what drivers need to be loaded, what settings to be applied, and what resources need
to be alloed in order for the equipment to work. Because this information is stored in the Registry
on the hard drive, has this information available ch time it boots up.

The Registry though is not only for operating system settings: user preferences and appliion settings
are stored in the Registry as well. When you change your desktop background or screen saver,
these details are stored in the Registry. When you shut down then start it up again at a later
date, your preferences are available and loaded automatically. Appliion settings such as what
directory you would like to download files to or what your default font is in a word processor are
stored here as well. As you can see, the Registry contains information that is not only vital to the
useof the operating system, but also essential in allowing you to customize to your
particular needs.

Over time with normal use, your computer's Registry will become bloated and filled with
obsolete or unnecessary entries. This is especially true as software, drivers, and hardware
components are added and removed from your computer. With so many additions, deletions
and other modifiions, your Registry can become filled with errors such as empty
destinations, orphaned references, or it can even become corrupted. The need for you to cln
obsolete Registry settings or repair your Registry errors becomes essential to ensure optimum
performance of your PC.
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