Tuesday, May 24, 2016

(How To)Universal Rooting App Procedure (Z4Root) For Galaxy S,Galaxy Tab,Galaxy I5700,Galaxy 3 I5800, Ascend, Xperia X10,Xperia Mini, G1,Hero,Xperia x10 mini Pro, Milestone,milestone 2,Droid x,Flipside,Defy,Cliq,Backflip Here

Universal Method Disclaimer:This is a universal method. Feel free to try it but if it does NOT work for you, simply hd to our How To section and look for your specific phone to see if we have a different procedure for your device and try that instd. Good luck!By EditAndroidI. Before You Begin1. This method is reported to gain permanentrootaccesson the following devices but might work on other devices as well. Try it out!:GalaxyS(All variants)
Xperia Mini
Droid 2
Galaxy Tab
Galaxy I5700
Galaxy 3 I5800
Cricket Ascend
Optimus T
Droid 1 (Non Froyo Versions)
Garmin A50
X10 Mini Pro
Smartq v7 android 2.1Thanks to RyanZA for this amazing app! If you enjoy it, plse hdhereto thank/donate him!II. Root your phone.1. Download the Z4 Root app either from the Market (if it is available) ordownload it from here(link updated 09/08/12) and use a file manager (Linda file manager or Astro file manager from the Market) to install it.2. Plugyourphonein via USB cable and mount the storage so we can transfer files to it.3. Copy the .apk file over to the root of yoursdcard(not in any folder just on the sd card itself).3. Download a file manager from the Market then open it and srch for the z4 root apk file.4. Install z4 root.5. Open z4 root and click Root. Done!

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