Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Unroot the One S

TheOneseries smart have always been a step ahd in terms of specifiions and performance. One S, being one of them, has got a grt set of hardware that is needed to run Android smoothly on the smart. The development department for such smart usually run very faster than any other smart. If you have got into this a bit, you should have rooted your smartphone and enjoyed thecustomROMson it. Finally, you want to unroot your smartphone to bring back all thestockappsand settings, here’s how you can do it. The following procedure has all the steps you should follow to unroot your One S smartphone.By EditAndroidI. Before You Begin:1. You should have rooted your device using the guide givenhere.2. You must haveUnlock_.binfile on your PC. It is the file which you got during thebootloaderunlock process.II. Downloading Required Files:1.Toolkit2.RUU/ Mirror 1 / Mirror 2III. Unrooting the One S:1. Download and place both the files onto your Desktop. Do NOT try to run the RUU file just yet.2. Extract files from the Toolkit archive to your Desktop.3. Place theUnlock_.binfile in thedatasub-folder of the Toolkit folder.4. Connect the smartphone to your PC using theUSBcable.5. Double-click the Toolkit executable file and you should get a Window with a lot of options.6. In the Recovery section, choose theStock Recovery.7. Hit theFlash Recoverybutton and the stock recovery will be flashed on your smartphone.8. Your smartphone should reboot after the recovery is flashed on it.9. Keep the smartphone connected to your PC, now from the Toolkit, choose theRelock Bootloaderoption and hit theDo Commandbutton.10. The bootloader of your smartphone will be relocked.11. ChooseBoot into Bootloaderoption from the Toolkit and then hit theDo Commandoption.12. Select theFastbootmode from the bootloader menu.13. Now, keeping the smartphone connected to your PC, double-click the RUU file you downloaded rlier.14. Follow on-screen instructions, make sure you don’t close the RUU window in between the process.15. You’re now unrooted !Although the procedure was a bit difficult, you’ve successfully unrooted your One S smartphone and it’s back to stock firmware.

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