Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Unroot Explorer Smartphone

Unrooting your smartphone is useful when you are going to the company shop to get your phone repaired or for something else. Once you have unrooted your smartphone, the person at the shop wouldn’t be able to know that you had modified the OS of your smartphone. The following guide will help you unroot your Explorer smartphone. Follow ch step carefully and you will end up with an unrooted phone.By EditAndroidI. Before You Begin:1. You should have rooted your phone using the guide givenhere.2. You will get back the warranty which you lost during the root process after unrooting your phone.3. You must have ADB installed on your PC. Lrnhow to install ADB.4. Your phone must be charged fully in order to proceed with the unrooting process.II. Downloading Required Files:1. Download the Unrooting Tool fromhere.III. Unrooting Explorer Smartphone:1. Download and place the Unrooting Tool File onto your Desktop.2. Extract files from the Unrooting Tool archive to your Desktop. You will get two folders, one for unrooting and one for stock recovery.3. Enable USB debugging on your smartphone by navigating toMenu>>Settings>>Appliions>>Development>>USB debuggingand tick-mark the box.4. Incrse the screen time-out by hding toMenu>>Settings>>Display>>Screen Timeoutand set it to 30 Minutes.5. Connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable that came with it.6. Now, open the Unrooting Folder which you extracted from the archive.7. Double-click on the file namedrunme-UNROOT.batto start unrooting your phone.8. It will take some time to unroot your phone. When it’s done, your phone will reboot.9. Keep your phone connected to your PC. Now, open the Stock Recovery Folder and double-click the file namedrecovery.bat.10. It will flash the stock recovery on your smartphone.11. After the recovery is installed on your phone, just disconnect it from the PC.Well done, you have successfully unrooted your Explorer smartphone as well as flashed the stock recovery. Now, there’s no mark of modifiion on your phone, nt and cln.

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