Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Root/Unroot the Flyer

Flyertabletwas among those tablets waiting for the Honeycomb update and it did get the update in the yr 2011. The tablet can now runtheAndroidJelly Bn as well with the help of thecustomROMs. No matter how butiful the custom ROMs look, stock ROMs have always been the most stable firm that can be used in your daily life. Here’s how you can unroot your Flyer tablet and get back to thestockROM.By EditAndroidI. Before You Begin:1. You should have rooted your device using the procedure givenhere.2. Make sure that your device is charged to have at lst 60% ofbatterylifeleft.II. Downloading Required Files:1.RUU(Download One of Them)III. Unrooting the Flyer:1. Download and place the RUU file on the Desktop of your PC.2. Turn OFF your device using thePowerbutton.3. Reboot your device into the bootloader mode. To do so, while your device is turned OFF, press and holdVolume DOWN+Powerbuttons together.4. ChooseFastbootfrom the bootloader menu.5. Connect the device to your PC using theUSBcable.6. Double-click the RUU file you just downloaded, it has the.exeextension.7. Go through the steps displayed on your screen.8. Your device is now unrooted !Grt ! Your device is now back to the StockFirmwarnd you no longer have root access on it.

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