Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Root/Unroot the Cherry Mobile Candy

You may not have hrd about the Candy or even the company that manufactures it – Cherry Mobile – but it is a pretty popular brand for affordableAndroiddevicesin the Philippines. In this guide, we’ll show you how to root the Candy, an Android 2.2 device with a bar phone form factor.By EditAndroidI. Before You Begin1. Back up your data, although this isn’t exactly mandatory, it’s always better to do so just in case.2. Ensure that the Candy is at lst 50% to 75% charged.3. This procedure will only work on the Cherry Mobile Candy with Android 2.2 Froyo OS, so ensure this is thefirmwareyou are running before proceeding.II. Downloading and Installing z4Root1. Download z4root apk fromhere.2. Enable installation of non-Market appliions. To do this, go toSettings > Appliionsand check theUnknown Sourcestickbox.3. Copy the z4root.1.3.0.apk file to your memory card via USB Storage mode. You can do this by connecting your device to the PC and selecting USB Storage when your device prompts you for the type of connection.4. Disconnect your device.5. Use a file explorer app like File Expert or AstroFileManagerand click on z4root.1.3.0.apk to install it.III. Rooting the Candy1. Open up the z4root app installed on your device.2. Click on Temporary Root if you wantrootaccessuntil you reboot your device or Permanent Root if you would like your device to be permanently rooted.3. Wait for z4root to complete the process and reboot the device.Your Candy should be rooted after it completes rebooting.IV. Unrooting the Candy1. Open up the z4root app.2. Click on Unroot.
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