Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How To Root,Install Recovery and Flash custom Rom CM7 in the MyTouch 3G Slide (New Method)

Our old rooting procedure for the MyTouch 3G Slide seems to no longer be working (thanks to the government shutting down Megaupload. Which, in turn, made us lose all of the files we had stored there like the rooting files for that procedure). Here’s the common new procedure. Let us know in the comments or by rching out to us on thesocial networkif it worked or didn’t for you. Thanks!By EditAndroidI. Before You Begin1. Make sure to do a backup ofallthefileson your phone before beginning just in case.II. Download the Necessary Files to Your Computer1. Download the following files and save them to your computer.ESPRIMG.zip
CyanoMod ROM
ClockworkMod Recovery
AndRoot2. Now, plug in your phone via USB cable and selectDriveif asked.3. Find your phone’s sd card directory on your computer if it doesn’t pop up automatically and copy all of the above files from your computer to the root of your SD card (that mns NOT inside anyfolders, just on the SD card itself).4. Once all the files are transferred, unplug your phone from the computer.III. Download and Install the Necessary Apps on Your Phone1. Hd to the Android Market on your device and srch for and install ch of the following apps to your phone.Terminal Emulator
ES File Explorer
Astro File Manager(Download This Apps From PlayStore)2. Once all of these apps have been installed we can begin.IV. Root the Device1. Hd to your phone’s settings > Appliions > Turn ON Alllow Unknown Sources.2. Now, open Astro file manager and look for the Androot .apk file you downloaded and click it then click install.3. Once installed, click open.4. Now, select Root Me with Install SU & Temp Root / Unroot after Reboot Selected (Make sure all of that is selected or the phone will get stuck) and run it.5. Open ES File Explorer and click menu then settings and check on the option called Up to Root, select Root Explorer, and MountFileSystem.6. Select the multi select option at the top (second from the left) and select theflash_img and mtd0.imgfiles.7. Then select Copy at the top (third from the left).8. Now, hit the back button until you get the top folder and navigate to the Data folder then the Local folder inside that and select Paste to paste the flash_img and mtd0.img files into the local folder.9. Open,TerminalEmulatoron your phone and type the following into it with hitting enter at the end of ch line.su
chmod04755 flash_
./flash_ misc mtd0.img10. Once that works without any errors, power off the phone.11. Reboot the phone by holding down Volume Down and Power at the same time, do not let go until the screen with text on it comes up. When it does, let go.12. Once it finds the ESPRIMG.zipfileclick Volume Up to select Yes. Wait for it to finish flashing.13. Once done, it’ll ask you if you want to reboot, select NO and click Recovery instd.14. Push Volume Up and Power at the same time to show theRecoveryoptionsif you are not immediately presented with them.15. In recovery mode, select Wipe Data / Factory Reset. (if selecting any options gives you ablankscreen, try selecting with the select button under the screen instd of using power to select).16. Then select Install Zip from SD Card and choose the CyanoROM .zip file.17. Once done, select reboot system now.Let us know if it worked for you if there needs to be changes made!

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