Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Root/Install CWM Recovery the 7 (WugFresh ToolKit Method)

Loving your new 7 but, like me, you noticed that there are a few ftures missing (like Flash)? Or perhaps you just want to load custom ROMs, overclock and just tinker with the 7 in eral? Well, thanks to the developers over at XDA (as usual), the device is alrdy rooted and running a custom recovery and even has a few custom ROMs. Here’s how.By EditAndroidI. Before You Begin1. You must use acomputer.II. Root the 71. Download the WugFresh ToolKit and save it to your desktop of your computer.WugFresh ToolKit(Scroll down to Downloads and click and download theexefilethere)2. Plug your device in via USB cable to the computer.3.Doubleclickthe exe file to install the program.4. Right click the WugFresh toolkit and say Run as Administrator.5. When it launches, select the 7 as your model.6. Click on the Full Driver Installation Guide and follow the steps to install the drivers. (If you’ve ever rooted a device on this computer you can skip this and do what I do in the to install the drivers manually).7. Click onBackupand choose what you want to backup and wait for that.8. Once done, select Unlock.9. Choose Yes on the device.10. Go through the regularsetupprocesson the device until you get to the home screen.11. Go to Settings > Developer Options > and turn USBDebuggingON.12. On the computer, check Permanent CWM and click Root in the program on the computer.13. Wait for it to finish, then click on SuperUser and then click OK to install thebinaries.14. Once it’s done, go to BusyBox Installer and open it and install Busybox (select Grant when asked to give it permissions). If that works, you are rooted.III. Flash ClockworkMod Recovery1. Now go to the Play Store and installROMManager.2. Open it and select your device.3. Select Flash ClockworkMod Recovery(select Grant when asked to give it permissions).4. Once it is done, click Reboot into Recovery.5. If it reboots and shows you the custom recovery, you are all set!

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