Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How To: Root or Unroot the Droid

I. Before You BeginBy EditAndroid1. The only rl rson to unroot is if you need to send the phone in for warranty or if you want to just start from scratch.
If You want to Root your Droid Click HereII. Restore Back to Android 2.2 with RSDLite1. Download RSD Lite, the 2.2 .sbf file, and the Drivers. Drivers
RSD Lite
Droid 2.2 Firmware2. Install RSDLite by double clicking the RSD Lite. file you just downloaded.3. Once RSDLite is installed, unzip the drivers folder you downloaded (32 bit OR 64 bit), then double click the Consumer Driver Installer appliion and install the drivers.4. Plug in your phone to the computer via USB cable.5. Turn the phone off while it is plugged in.6. Turn on the phone by holding down Power and UP on the DPad of the board on the phone for 5 seconds then let go.7. Open the RSDLite program by right clicking it and selecting Run As Administrator.8. Click on the “…” button next to the filename box and select the .sbf file you downloaded rlier.9. Once it is selected, hit Start and wait for it to finish flashing the phone.10. Once it is done, the phone should reboot and you are now on Android 2.2 stock and are all set.

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