Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Root One X

How to Root One XAt Mobile World Congress 2012,announced a quad-core smartphone labeled asOneX. The phone is rlly good and the shipping of the same has begun in some of the countries of the world. Once you get the phone into your hands, you will probably be thinking to root it to access a whole new world of possibilities with this phone. So, here’s a guide for rooting your One X smartphone.By EditAndroidI. Before You Begin:The warranty of the phone will be voided once you root it. You can get back the warranty of the device by unrootingyourphone, however.II. Downloading Required Files:You will need a PC/Laptop running , Linux or Mac OS.Download InsecureBootandRoot script fromhere.III. Rooting One X:First of all, extract the files from the InsecureBootandRoot ZIP archive and put them on Desktop.EnableUSBdebugging on your phone by going toMenu>>Settings>>Appliions>>Development>>USB debugging, tick-mark the box.Turn OFF your smartphone.Now, put your phone into thebootloadermode by pressing Volume DOWN and the Power simultaneously.Press the Power again to enter into the fastboot.Connect your phone to your PC using the originalUSBcablethat came with the phone.a) If you are using a PC, double-click theinstall-insecure-.batfile and it will begin rooting your phone.
b) If you are on Linux, then open the Terminal window where you have put the extracted files, i.e., Desktop and run the following commands:
chmod +x install-insecure-linux.sh
c) If you are using Mac as your OS, then open a Terminal window where you put extracted files, i.e., Desktop and issue the following commands:
chmod +x install-insecure-mac.sh
./install-insecure-mac.shOnce you have done issuing commandsappropriatefor your OS, the process of rooting the phone will start.The phone will then reboot and remaining files will be installed on your phone afterwards.

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