Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Root the One Touch 991D

If you have just purchased the One Touch 991D device and interested in rooting it, you can follow our guide below. There doesn’t seem to be many guides on rooting this device, but we’ve got a working guide just for you right below. Once you’ve gottenrootaccesson the device, you’re free to install any root-only app and grantrootpermissionswith Superuser. Let’s get the procedure started:By EditAndroidI. Before You Begin:1. This will void the warranty of your device. But unrooting the device will restore the warranty.2. The following procedure works onbasedPCs only.II. Downloading Required Files:1.Root Package2.SuperOneClickIII. Rooting the One Touch 991D:1. Place both the archives you downloaded to your Desktop.2. Extract files from theRoot Packagrchive to your Desktop. It’ll make it sier to find them in later steps.3. Double-click on theFlashToolexecutable file you extracted from the archive.4. In the tool, make sure that theUSB Modeoption is marked inOptionsmenu.5. Click on theSter-loadingbutton and select the ster file you extracted from the archive.6. Once done, a list of various files will appr, chooseBOOTIMGamong them.7. Select theBOOTIMGfile you extracted rlier to your Desktop.8. Turn OFF your device.9. Pull the battery out of the device.10. Wait for about 10 seconds and put it back into the device.11. Connect the device toyourPCvia USB cable, the device is still turned OFF.12. Click onDownloadbutton in the tool and let it do the process.13. Theprogressbarwill show the progress of the operation that’s currently going on.14. Once it’s done, you’ll get a notifiion on your screen.15. Reboot the device if it doesn’t automatically.16. Enable theUSBdebuggingoption on your device fromMenu>>Settings>>Appliions>>Development>>USB debugging.17. Make sure that your device is connected to your PC viaUSBcable.18. Extract files from theSuperOneClickarchive to your Desktop.19. Double-click on theSuperOneClickexecutable file to launch it.20. HitRootbutton in the tool and let it root the device.21. You’ll be notified once it’s done.22. You’re all set!Awesome! The root access has been successfully gained on the device and you may now install any root-only app on it.
Do At Your Own Risk!!!

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