Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Root One S

One S is the ’slatestflagshipAndroid smartphone that is going to be launched worldwide on April 25th. Comprising of a 1.5 GHz Dual-core processor, it gives you a grt new experience of usingIceCrmSandwich, the latest version of Android by far. T-Mobile will be the first career to have this smartphone and eventually it will become available on other careers. Since thisphonerunson Android, you can root it to get more customizations as well as new apps that do require access to system files. Here’s a guide for you to root yourOneS smartphone.By EditAndroidI. Before You Begin:You will void warranty of your One S once you root it. You are going further keeping this in mind. However, you will be able to gain back the warranty if you apply the stock firmware or unrootyourphone.II. Downloading Required Files:Your One S smartphone’s bootloader must be unlocked to use this root method. You can do sohere.DownloadSuperboot fromhere.III. Rooting One S:Extract the Superboot archive files onto your Desktop using WinRAR or any other similar tool.Turn OFF your One S smartphone.Boot it up intobootloadermode. To do so, press and hold Volume DOWN button and then press the Power button.Press the Power button again to enter fastboot.When the phone is in bootloader mode, connect it to your PC using theUSBcablethat came with your phone.a) If you are using a based PC, just double click the install-superboot-.bat file and it will commence the rooting process.
b) If you are running Mac OS on your PC, open a Terminal Window where you have extracted files, i.e., Desktop and then run the following commands:
chmod +x install-superboot-mac.sh
c) If you are using a Linux based PC, open a Terminal on the Desktop, because it is the place where you have extracted files, then type the following commands:
chmod +x install-superboot-linux.sh
./install-superboot-linux.shWhen the rooting process is done, just disconnect your phone from your PC.Congratulations, you have successfully rooted your One S smartphone and now you have more possibilities of customizing your phone than before.

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