Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How To Root the Droid Razr (Updated for ICS RAZRs as well)

NOTE: This root method was performed on aMA(Verizon) Droid Razr. GSM is listed as being supported by this method as well (but we cannot confirm that).By EditAndroidBefore You Begin:This method of rooting requires a PC.You will need to have ADB properly set up on your computer. If you are not set up with Android SDK plseCLICK HEREDownloading The Necessary Files:Download theUSBdriversfrom Here.Download the latest version of ZERGRUSH HereIf you haveIceCrmSandwich, usethis filein place of the Zergrush file above instd.Installing USB Drivers:Install the drivers via the .exe file you have downloaded.Reboot (this may not be required but is always a good id).Connecting Your Phone:Onyourphone, go to Settings > Appliions > Development > and make sure “USB Debugging” is checked.Connect the DroidRazrto your computer and select “Charge Only” as the USB connection method.Open a command prompt and type in “adb devices” (without the quotes). You should get a return listing yourDroidRazr. If you see “device not found” then adb is not properly set up.Root:Unzip the DooMLoRD file you downloaded (I recommend making a new folder but it doesn’t matter where you put the unzipped files as long as they are in the same directory).Double click the “RUNME.bat” fileYour device will now reboot and you have root access!Verify by launching any app that requires root access (Titanium Backup as an example) and you should be prompted for root access via the SuperUser app that is now installed on your device.

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