Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Root the Droid 4 (XT894) running Android 4.0.4

The Droid 4 is just five months old and when it was relsed back in January, it was just another dual-cored device running Gingerbrd OS. The device did attain root at that point but with it receivingtheAndroid4.0.4 update recently, it’s back to looking for an sy way to obtainrootaccess. Look no more though, as the post below will help you do just that in a few sy steps.By EditAndroidI. Before You BeginThe procedure below will not affect the data on your device in any way, but do make abackupof important data before you proceed as a precaution.II. Necessary DownloadsICS404root.zipIII. Rooting the Droid 41. EnableUSBDebuggingon your device. To do this, hd toSettings > Developmentand check theEnable USB Debuggingtickbox.2. Connect your device to your PC and change the type of connection to Media Sync instd of Mass Storage.3. Extract theICS404root.zipfile you downloaded above to afolderon your desktop.4. From the extracted folder, double-clickrootscript.batto run the script.5. Hit Enter once you have made sure that you have enabledUSB Debuggingand the device is in Camera Mode.After the script finishes running, your Droid 4 should be rooted and rdy to run all those root-requiring apps available on Google Play!!

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