Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How To: Root the CLIQ (Updated)

By EditAndroidI. Download and Install the Drivers1. Download and Install the Drivers: 32 bit
64 bitII. Set up the SDK/ADB if you haven’t alrdy.Use ourHow To Setup ADB procedurnd then come back to this once you are done and can see the .*Make sure you do the step in the ADB procedure (Onyourphone, click Settings > Appliions > Development and make sure USB Debugging is on.)III. Flash the Rooted Update1.Downloadtheupdatnd save it somewhere on your computer.Rooting Update2. Plug in your phone viaUSBcable.3. Mount the SD card so we can transfer files to it.4. Save the update.zip file you just downloaded it to the root of thesdcard(NOT in any folders, just on the SD card itself). Once it is done transferring, lve the phone plugged in to the computer.5. Turn the phone off6. Turn the phone back on by holding down Camera and Power (keep holding it until it tells you to stop). Then press volume down to get into recovery.7. Hit Alt L to bring up the menu. Then select Apply Update and wait for it to flash. Click reboot device.

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