Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Root and Flash ClockworkMod Recovery on the Evo Shift 4G

Since the relse of the Evo Shift 4G on Sprint in January last yr, devs have had a lot of time to fine tune things and thanks to their hard work, we can now sily root and flash ClockworkMod Recovery on this device. The below guide will show you how to do that exactly, so you can move on to flashingcustomROMs.By EditAndroidI. Before You Begin1. You must have ADB set up before you proceed; look to our guide on how to do thishere.2. Back up your data; this is not mandatory but do so to be on the safer side.3. This is a -based solution; so make sure that you either have a XP or7-based PC before you proceed.II. Downloading the Necessary FilesShift Root and RecoveryIII. Rooting the Evo Shift 4G1. ExtractShiftRR.rarthat you downloaded above to afolderon your desktop.2. From the folder you extracted above, double-click onShiftRR.exeto run the tool.3. Enable USBDebuggingon your device. You can do this by hding toSettings > Appliions > USB Debuggingand checking the tickbox next to it.4. Connect the device to your -based PC. You should see the message ‘ Shift Found!’ at the bottom of tpliionwindowlike you see in the picture below:5. Click on Root.6. The tool will pop up adialogboxasking if you have ENG HBoot installed alrdy. Click ‘No’ (this will install HBoot and then root your device). If you alrdy have HBoot installed, click ‘Yes’.7. If you clicked ‘No’ in the previous dialog box, the tool will install HBoot and give you confirmation to reboot your phone as you see below. Reboot the device now8. Once your device has rebooted and is on the homescreen, click on Root again. This time, click on ‘Yes’ as you will have installed ENG HBoot in the previous step.9. Once the process is over, you should see Shift Root andRecoverytoolflash a message saying ‘Root Success’.10. Reboot your device.11. Once the device is booted and on the homescreen, click on ‘Check Root’ and on the device, select Accept or Allow.Your Evo Shift 4G should now be permanently rooted!!IV. Flashing ClockworkMod Recovery1. Make sure that your device hasUSB Debugginabled, connected to the computer and is on the homescreen.2. Run the Shift Root and Recovery tool again.3. Under the Recovery section, click on thebrowsebutton. Navigate to the folder you extracted in the preceding section and selectshift_clockwork_recovery.imgfrom theShiftRR/recoveryfolder.4. Click on ‘Install’.Once the process is complete, your phone should reboot directly to the newly flashed ClockworkMod Recovery!!Credits:Amoamare

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