Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Install TWRP Recovery on the Xperia T

’s Xperia lineup smart have always enjoyed latest developments from the developers and the latest addition to the list is, TWRP Recovery for the Xperia T. It’s a well-known recovery in the Android world and thousands of users are alrdy enjoying it on their devices. If you want to make nandroid backusp, flash custom ROMs, then look no further and go ahd and flash this recovery. You’ll get almost same ftures as the ClockworkMod Recovery, however, the user-interface is a bit different and may lure you that you’ll forget the CWM. If you’re rdy to install TWRP Recovery on your Xperia T smartphone, then jump onto the guide below.By EditAndroidI. Before You Begin:1. You must have done ourHow to Root the Xperia Tprocedure.2. This will replace your current recovery with the TWRP Recovery.II. Downloading Required Files:1.TWRP Recovery(Download the file having.elfas extension)2.FastbootIII. Installing TWRP Recovery on the Xperia T:1. Download and place both the files onto your Desktop.2. Extract files from theFastbootarchive to your Desktop. You’ll end up withfastboot.exnd some other files.3. Turn OFF your device.4. Reboot the device intoFastbootmode by simply pressing and holding theVolume UP+Volume DOWN+Powerbuttons together.5. Once inside theFastbootmode, connect your device to your PC via USB cable.6. Open a Command Prompt Window on the Desktop of your PC. To do so, press and hold theShiftbutton on your board and right-click on any empty ar on the screen, then selectOpen command window here.7. Type in following command into the Command Prompt Window. Make sure to replacefilename.elfwith the actual name of the file you downloaded.fastboot flash boot filename.elf8. Once it’s done, issue the following command:fastboot reboot9. Your device should reboot.10. And you’re all done!Amazing! Your device now has TWRP Recovery installed on it and it works the same way as the CWM does. Simply boot into the recovery mode and enjoy the difference!

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