Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Install TWRP Recovery on the J Butterfly (HTL21)

Installing acustomROMrequires that you be rooted and have a custom recovery capable of flashing zips from unofficial sources. For the J Butterfly, the process is no different except for the minor fact that you’ll be installing a custom recovery before you root it, while this is the other way around for most other devices. So, if you want to install a custom ROM on J, you’ll need to install a custom recovery and root it and this guide takes care of the first step – installing TWRP Recovery (a touch-based custom recovery).By EditAndroidI. Before You Begin1. Your device’sbootloaderneeds to be unlocked before you can installing TWRP visit Dev site for it2. Make sure that you back up everything before you start.3. Charge your device to 75% or more to avoid unwanted shutdowns during the procedure.4. You will need to have ADB setup before you can begin with this procedure. Useour guideon the same for help if you haven’t alrdy done this.II. Necessary Downloadsdrewx2′s twrp--dlxj.imgIII. Installing TWRP Recovery1. Copy thedrewx2′s twrp--dlxj.imgyou downloaded above to the ADB folder you have alrdy set up [the folder containing thdb.exefile].2. Open a command prompt window at the ADB folder. To do this (on 7), hold Shift on your board and right-click on the folder. Click onOpen Command Window here.3. Enable USBDebuggingon our device. To do this, go toSettings > Developer Optionsand tick theEnable USB debuggingcheckbox.4. Connect your device to your PC.5. Run the following commands on the command prompt:adb reboot bootloader [Enter ] {Reboots your device to bootloader}Once in bootloader, run:fastboot flash recovery twrp--dlxj.img [Enter ]That’s it! You should TWRP Touch Recovery installed on your device!

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