Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Install a Custom Recovery on the Droid RAZR HD (Verizon)

Locked Bootloader of the Droid RAZR HD (Verizon) has preventedmanydevelopersto develop various recoveries and all that stuff that require the bootloader to be unlocked. While it was not possible to force Verizon to ship the device with unlocked bootloader, some of the developers over at XDA found out a simple solution in the form of a safestrap recovery. The said recovery resides on the separate partition on your device lving the main partition untouched, therefore it works pretty well even on locked bootloader. To lrn how you can get the aforementioned recovery on your device, just follow our guide below.By EditAndroidI. Before You Begin:1. You must have done ourHow to Root the Droid RAZR HD (Verizon)procedure.2. The recovery you’re going to install is based on TWRP Recovery.II. Downloading Required Files:1.Safestrap Recovery APK2.ES File Explorer(Google Play Link)III. Installing a Custom Recovery on the Droid RAZR HD (Verizon):1. Download and place the Safestrap Recovery APK file onto the Desktop of your PC.2. Connect your device to your PC using theUSBcable.3. Copy theAPKfile over to the root of yourSDcard.4. Unplug the device from your PC once the file’s copied.5. On your device, hd toMenu>>Settings>>Securityand enable theUnknown sourcesoption.6. Download and install theESFileExplorerapp on your device using the link provided above.7. Once installed, launch it from the Menu.8. In the app, find the APK file you copied rlier and tap on it and install it.9. Once it’s installed, launch it from the Menu.10. SelectInstall Recoveryoption in the app.11. Follow the on-screen instructions.12. And you’re all set!Grt! Your device is now all set to acquire thecustomROMsthat have been developed for your device.

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