Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Transformer TF300T

If you want to enjoy custom ROMs on your Transformer TF300T, then you must installClockworkModRecovery on it. Here’s a simple guide explaining how you can install CWM Recovery on your Transformertablet.'By EditAndroidI. Before You Begin:1. You must have unlocked bootloader of your tablet. You can do it fromhere.2. You must have ADB installed on your PC. Lrn how you can do it fromhere.3. You will void the warranty of your tablet if you install this custom recovery.4. Make sure your tablet has enough battery life left to last through the entire process.II. Downloading Required Files:1. Download the ClockworkMod Recovery fromhere.2. Download the Fastboot package fromhere.III. Installing ClockworkMod Recovery on Transformer TF300T:1. Place the ClockworkMod Recovery on the Desktop of your PC.2. Extract files from the Fastboot package onto your Desktop.3. Turn OFF your tablet.4. Press and holdVolume DOWN+Power together and you will see a message on your screen saying “Press Vol. UP to enter RCK (5s).”5. After five seconds, a menu will appr, press theVolume DOWN and the USB icon will be highlighted.6. Press theVolume UP to validate your action.7. Now, Open a Command Prompt Window on your Desktop and type in the following commands:fastboot devicesfastboot -i 0x0B05 flash recovery recovery.imgfastboot -i 0x0B05 reboot8. Your tablet will reboot and you will see that you have root access on it.9. You can now disconnect your tablet from the PC.You have successfully installed ClockworkMod Recovery on your Transformer TF300T!!

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