Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on the Micromax A70

Official ClockworkMod Recovery for the Micromax A70 is available now and it can be installed using the ROM Manager app. As you may alrdy know, a custom recovery helps to install custom ROMs, Mods and Twks that let you customize your device the way you want. It also offers backup options, such as taking a backup of your entire ROM and then re-flashing it whenever you want, isn’t it awesome? If this sounds good to you and you would like to install ClockworkMod Recovery on your Micromax A70, then follow the following guide.By EditANdroidI. Before You Begin:1. You must have rooted your device before doing this procedure. Plse hd to ourHow to Root the Micromax A70procedure first, finish it, then return to this procedure and continue.2. This will replace your current recovery with the CWM Recovery.II. Downloading Required Files:1.ROM Manager—QR (Google Play Link)III. Installing ClockworkMod Recovery on the Micromax A70:1. Download and install theROM Managerapp on your device using the link given above.2. Once installed, launch it from your App Drawer.3. The first screen has an option that saysFlash ClockworkMod Recovery, tap it.4. It should ask you to select your device from the list. Just tap on the name of your device.5. It’ll then begin the process to install CWM Recovery on your device.6. Once it’s done, reboot your device.7. And you’re good to go!Congrats! You now have a working custom recovery up and running on your device using which you can have complete control over your device’s firmware and even the ability to replace it with a custom ROM!

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