Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Flash ClockworkMod Recovery on the Xperia Acro S

If you have rooted your device, thenextobviousstepis of course flashing a custom recovery. This will enable you to flash custom ROMs that are more to your liking than the stock ROM and offer a whole lot more functionality than the official ROMs do. Rdy to flashClockworkModRecovery on the Xperia Arco S, then? If you said yes, then rd on!By EditAndroidI. Before You Begin1. This procedure will work even if you are not rooted. If you want to root your device though, you can useour guideto help you with this.2. This procedure will replace your stock kernel with a kernel that comes with ClockworkMod Recovery included. If you are not okay with this, do not proceed any further.3. You will need an unlocked bootloader to use this procedure. If you don’t have an unlocked bootloader, hd over to Mobileto help you with this.4. This procedure will wipe your data, so make sure you have backed up everything important before you proceed.II. Necessary Downloads1. AcroS_Kernel_61A245.zip2. fastboot_with_Android_USB_file.rarIII. Flashing ClockworkMod Recovery Kernel on the Xperia Acro S1. Extractfastboot_with_Android_USB_file.rarto C:\ drive. This should contain two folders namedfastbootandusb_driver.2. ExtractAcroS_Kernel_61A245.zipto thefastbootfolder. Yourfastbootfolder should now contain the following files.3. Connect your device to your PC in fastboot mode. To do this:i. Turn off your phone.ii. Connect the USB cable first to your PC and then connect the microUSB end of the cable to your device while holding Volume Up.iii. should now automatically install the necessary drivers; if not use theusb_driverfolder to install the necessary them.4. Open up a command prompt window and type in the following commands. You can open command prompt by clicking on the icon on the left bottom of your desktop and going toPrograms > Accessoriesand clicking on the Command Prompt option. c:\fastboot_with_Android_USB_file\fastbootfastboot flash boot kernel-cwm.elf5. Restart your phone and tap on the logo when booting and the blue LED comes on. This will take you to ClockworkMod Recovery!IV. Flashing back to Stock KernelFollow all the steps in previous section but change kernel-cwm.elf to kernel.sin when running the fastboot flash command.

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