Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Flash Decompiler Trillix 5.2.1160 Multilanguage full version + free download

Software overview:

==>Decompile SWF Files

Decompiling Flash files is now sier than you can imagine! You can simply modify or completely re-do

your SWF even if you have lost the original FLA file or Flex project.

Intuitive, simple interface makes decompiling SWF files an exciting experience for you and along with

its proven stability you have nothing to worry about. Flash Decompiler Trillix for Mac interface allows

you browsing through the SWF elements sily. You can preview SWF file or ch of its elements to

decide which one you will need separately for further editing.

From now on you can even process several of your SWF files at the same moment.

SWF Decompiler is powerful enough to support Flash 5, Flash 6, Flash 7, Flash 8, Flash 9, Flash 10,

Flash CS5 and Flash CS6.

==>Convert SWF to FLA or Flex sources (depending on initial source)

With Flash Decompiler Trillix you can turn any of your SWF into their source FLA or Flex file.

SWF to FLA converting has never been sier! Simply choose the file you need to convert and click

the Convert button. Ta-dah! You have the source with all ActionScripts on your hard drive. Now

all the SWF files are rdy to be edited any way you want.

==>Extract and Export SWF Elements

SWF Decompiler will show you everything Flash is made of. You can sily split a Flash

into its elements and save every one of them in various formats for further editing and using for your

own needs.

Any object can be extracted separately into Flash animation (SWF) and Flash sources (FLA) file

formats, except for scripts which can be saved to AS and TXT file formats. Lets review the list of

objects and file formats, they can be extracted into, except mentioned above:

- s - into JPG, PNG or BMP file formats

- Sounds - into WAV or

- - AVI, MPEG1 and FLV

- Text - TXT, HTML, RTF

Download links:

Download Flash Decompiler Trillix below:

click here
Download below:

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