Tuesday, May 24, 2016

BatteryBar v3.5.4 free download

Software overview:

BatteryBar shows you in a bar on your Taskbar exactly how much time you have left on your battery,

and how much battery life you've alrdy used. You can have it display battery life either as a percentage

of battery life remaining, or how much time you have remaining.

In addition, hover your mouse over BatteryBar, and you'll see much more information, including total

battery capacity, discharge rate, battery wr, and how much total capacity your batter has in terms of

time per full charge.

Installing instructions:

When you first run BatteryBar, you won't see it. You'll need to configure your Taskbar to display it.

Right-click the Taskbar, select Toolbars, and then select Taskbar. When you do that, BatteryBar will

appr on your Taskbar

Download link:

Download BatteryBar below:

click here

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