Tuesday, May 24, 2016

avast 8 pro full version + free download

Software overview:

Avast! Antivirus is areliable antivirus software solution designed to provide computer users with

effective protection against viruses and spyware.

Avast comes with well-organized interface that targets beginners and professional users alike, with

all ftures being clrly displayed right in the main window.

The boot scanner is actually a veryhandy function because it attempts to scan the computer before

the operating system is fully loaded and thus before any virus is rdy to take control of certain

system files.

There are four scanning modes, asfollows: “Quick Scan”, “Full System Scan”, “Removable Media

Scan” and “Select folder to scan”; the latterallows for an in-depth scan of a userdefinedloion.

The “Quick Scan” mode takes just a few minutes, while the "Full System" mode canlast formore

than a half an hour, depending on the size of the drive and the amount of data stored locally.

In addition, Avast comes with dedied tools to protect multiple apps running on your computer, so it

also comprises a “File System Shield”, a “Mail Shield”, a “Web Shield”, a “P2P Shield” to protect

peer-to-peer programs, an “IM Shield” for instant messaging clients, a “Network Shield”, a “Script

Shield” and a “Behavior Shield”.

All in all, Avast is a must have if you're looking for areliable antivirus solution and, as far aswe're

concerned, this appliion is indeedseriouscompetition forother elite softwaretools belonging to

thisparticular egory.

Download links:

Download avast 8 pro antivirus below:

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Download avast 8 pro below:

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