Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Android 4.3 Spotted in the Wild Running on the 4?

This morning an XDA user posted a few photos of a4spotted at a mobile expo in Thailand, and it’s causing quite the buzz. The rson why the photos areintriguingis because this particular N4 apprs to be running a completely newbuild, JWR45B. We could very well be looking at Android 4.3.By EditAndroidOnly afewswere captured, one of the About section, another of the camera’s semi-new interface (controls to the side rather than in the focus ar), concluded by theJellyBnster Egg found through the About section. The design hasn’t been changed too much, so don’t expect a drastic new look or huge UI change.At this point in the game dr old Google could launch Android 4.3 at anytime. We just don’t know when. In the mntime you can check out the s below and tell us what you want to see out of Android 4.3 in the comments below.Source XDA

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