Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Agile Lock v2.6 full version apk free download

App overview:

Agile Lock, customize your lock screen, make your lock screen more attractive!
Agile Lock is a lock screen replacement, Sense 3.0 like, that gives you more experience in using the COOL lock.


- Sense 3.0 style slider look
- Customize which shortcuts/widgets are allowed on the lock screen
- Built-in Wther widget
- Customize Font Style, Font Size .ttf type supported
- Customize Background, live wallpaper supported
- Wake up the screen with different ways, like volume button or power button
- System security lock supported
- More in settings to let you decide which will be shown in the lock screen

How to Run: - Open the AgileLock, click on the flashing power button in the middle of the screen. When there is a yellow circle around the power button, the Agile Lock starts to run on your phone


- If you have a problem with the power button, like cannot light screen with power button, you could use the setting item "Fix power button issue"
- If you have home button issue, you could try "Block HOME wizard"
- If the default shortcuts on the lock screen not working, try to replace them with the apps on your phone
- If you want to disable the status bar, plse select the option "Disable status bar expand" in the setting
Download links:Download Aglie Lock in the below link:
click here

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